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Our Bucks County Restaurant Week Experience at The King George II Inn

Bucks County Restaurant Week 2018

Bucks County Restaurant Week is here! Sample spectacular food and prix fixe menus at a special rate of $25 or $35 at participating Bucks County restaurants this week through May 5.

We took this as an opportunity to check out the Historic King George II Inn which is located on historic Radcliffe Street in beautiful downtown Bristol, PA. The Inn (established 1681) just steps away from the Delaware River has 5 dining rooms, a historic tavern, and an outdoor riverfront patio for al fresco dining. It features contemporary American cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

King George II Inn Bristol PA

The view from our table was spectacular! The room we were seated in has an unobstructed vantage point of a historic park on the banks of the Delaware River. The Bristol Waterfront Park is a great destination to take in the scenery of the river as well as take part in many activities such as concerts, fishing, boating, festivals, and people-watching! The rest of Bristol, including the quaint boutiques and markets on Mill Street, is quite charming as well. We definitely need to spend more time here!

Delaware River View from King George II Inn Bristol PA

We knew we were in for a special dinner the moment we stepped inside and saw that view. It just sets the right mood. Our affable server Lorraine presented us with both the Bucks County Restaurant Week menu as well as the regular menu. We definitely wanted to order off of the Restaurant Week menu because everything sounded so good and we felt it would be a nice introduction to the restaurant. Boy, we were right! More about that soon.

Bucks County Restaurant Week King George II Inn Bristol PA

But first, a cocktail! You know if there is a cocktail menu, I will be having a cocktail. 🙂 Say hello to the “Kentucky Lemonade” which is a fab concoction consisting of Knob Creek Bourbon, Limoncello, mint, and lemon juice. This libation, a take on the Mint Julep, was right up my alley! 🍸 Hubby chose a Victory Summer Ale.

Kentucky Lemonade at King George II Inn Bristol PA

Usually a bread basket doesn’t get me excited, but in this case, it was the butter that got me hype. In addition to regular butter, you can slather the bread with an amazing compound sun-dried tomato butter! 😮 Let that sink in. It was definitely as good as it sounds and looks. A memorable butter for sure! 👀

n Dried Tomato Butter King George II Inn Bristol PA

There were at least three First Course items that piqued my interest, but I had to order the Goat Cheese Croquettes because I’m a sucker for anything with goat cheese. This was the best possible choice I could make. This is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I promise that is not hyperbole. This dish is may not look like much (as evidenced by my photo below) but it is a combination of flavors and textures that made my taste buds go wild. If deep-fried chevre goat cheese balls sitting in a pool of luscious tomato sauce with tangy balsamic red onions and sauteed wild mushrooms doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. The rustic toast points were a perfect vessel to eat it all right up!  Let me also add that this was an extremely generous dish — I would have been happy eating just this. While hubby enjoyed his Caesar salad, he was also blown away by how delicious this dish was and took several bites. I must insist you visit the King George II Inn this week JUST for these croquettes! 👌

Bucks County Restaurant Week King George II Inn Bristol PA Goat Cheese Croquettes

For the Second Course, I chose the Homestyle Meatloaf because it was a cloudy Sunday and it felt like a great day for classic comfort food. Nailed it! This dish included two enormous pieces of homemade meatloaf made out of beef tenderloin, veal, and pork with a scrumptiously umami-heavy mushroom demi-glace, creamy garlic & shallot mashed potatoes, and sauteed string beans. Heaven on a plate! I could barely eat one whole piece of meatloaf and barely touched my sides. No worries, great for leftover which we will have this week. UNF! 🙌

Bucks County Restaurant Week King George II Inn Bristol PA Homestyle Meatloaf

My course was a hard act to follow, but hubby’s Half Rack Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs also hit a home run! These ribs were fall-off-the-bone delicious with a tangy BBQ sauce. Hubby is a big BBQ dude and these got his seal of approval. They were served with hand-cut fries and a creamy (not sweet) slaw. Another perfectly comforting and plentiful dish from the King George Inn kitchen. If this menu is any indication of what they’re doing on a regular basis… well, let’s just say we are already making plans to go back soon! 😎

Bucks County Restaurant Week King George II Inn Bristol PA Baby Back Ribs

By this point, we were ready to throw in the towel, but we had to try at least one of the desserts. Going along with the comfort food theme, we chose the Rice Pudding with Berries. Let me tell you, this dessert was worth every calorie! The rice pudding was dense, yet creamy, not at all liquidy. The berries were very fresh and it was served with a raspberry sorbet on top! Shut the front door. A perfect ending to a superbly comforting meal at America’s Oldest Inn! 😋

Bucks County Restaurant Week King George II Inn Bristol PA Rice Pudding with Berries

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! A gorgeous view, along with a cheerful server and delicious food… made for an extremely pleasurable Bucks County Restaurant Week outing. So glad we were able to go. I highly recommend going this week, if you can. Either way, definitely put the King George II Inn on your must-visit list especially if you’re also a history buff!

King George II Inn Bristol PA Dining Room

Go for the history and view, stay for the food (and drink!) Be sure to tell them Philly Grub sent you!

All photos are by Marilyn Johnson and should not be used without permission.
*Special thanks to Visit Bucks County for arranging our visit. Our opinions are our own.

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