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Seasonal Cocktails & Holiday Tipples Await at London Grill

Old Fashioned Holiday at London Grill

As holiday bars proliferate across the city, owner Terry Berch and bar manager Kelly Whilhelm have transformed their ever-evolving cocktail menu at neighborhood favorite London Grill into a festive tribute to holiday drinks.

The new “Drink Me” menu includes a variety of original cocktails as well as historic holiday tipples, from Dutch Advocaat to Puerto Rican Coquito to the restaurant’s own signature McNally’s Eggnog.

The holiday menu includes:

  • Festive Seasonal Cocktails, such as…

    • Cinnamon Kiss, Bailey’s and Fireball on the rocks

    • Cello Sidecar, Salignac cognac with house-made limoncello and Cointreau

    • Old-Fashioned Holiday, Bulleit bourbon with house-made cranberry syrup and bitters

    • Perfect Fig Manhattan, fig- and vanilla-infused bourbon with sweet and dry vermouths and bitters

    • Pear & Ginger Mule, vodka with house-made pear syrup, lime juice and Barritt’s ginger beer

    • Pomegranate Aperol Spritz, Pama liqueur with Aperol, rosé and club soda

    • Snowball, Advocaat and lemonade with club soda

  • Traditional Holiday Tipples, such as…

    • Advocaat, traditional Dutch eggnog with Salignar cognac

    • Coquito, traditional Puerto Rican eggnog with Bacardi and whipped cream

    • McNally’s Eggnog, traditional German-style eggnog with bourbon

    • Peppermint Hot Chocolate, house-made hot chocolate with Smirnoff peppermint vodka

    • Smoking Bishop, the classic mulled wine from A Christmas Carol, with red wine, ruby port and spices

  • Beer Cocktails, such as…

    • Miracle on 23rd Street, spiced apple cider with pumpkin beer

    • Chocolate Cherry Love Child, Smirnoff cherry vodka with Aztec chocolate bitters and Yards Love Stout

    • Cranburry, rum, Chambord, cranberry juice and witbier

    • Chilly Willy, jalapeño vodka with honey, lemon and their own Willie Sutton house lager

Holiday cocktails range in price from $8 to $11, and will be available throughout the season.

London Grill is located at 2301 Fairmount Avenue in Fairmount.

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