Nectar in Berwyn Adds Seasonal Clementine-Centric Items

Clementine and Clove Martini at Nectar

Nectar is living up to its citrusy name, as Chef Patrick Feury has decided to take advantage of one of the most popular and delicious fruits during the winter season by offering a new clementine-centric appetizer, drink and dessert to his menu throughout December and January at Nectar, located at 1091 Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, PA.

With clementines being at the peak of perfection during December and January, and with the fruit gaining immense popularity over recent years, Feury decided it would be a good idea to add some items to Nectar’s menu, which he says “pair beautifully and provide delicious sweet flavors during a time of year when many other beloved ingredients are unavailable.”

Feury has added the following dishes to his menu: Clementine-Cured Salmon, a cold-cured salmon appetizer with a pickled raw vegetable salad and crispy rice ($12); Clementine Cornbread dessert, with Prosecco Sabayon and a blood orange tuile $8; and a Clementine and Clove Martini with Blue Coat Gin that has been infused with cloves and fresh clementine Syrup ($12).

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