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Grubspotting: Thanksgiving Arepas at Puyero Venezuelan Flavor

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor adds a Thanksgiving spin to its Venezuelan menu with three new offerings between now and Sunday, November 26, 2017. Take a look at these creative seasonal twists on traditional Venezuelan arepas:

Turkey Day Cachapa

Turkey Day Cachapa [Credit: Puyero]

Turkey Day Cachapa features a sweet corn pancake with turkey and gravy, mozzarella and a side of cranberry sauce.

Gobble-Gobble Arepas

Gobble-Gobble Arepas [Credit: Puyero]

Gobble-Gobble Arepas featured a sweet potato stuffed arepas with turkey and gravy, brussels sprouts, and side of cranberry sauce. 

Chocolate Arepas

Chocolate Arepas [Credit: Puyero]

New Chocolate Arepas features three chocolate mini arepa stuffed with apple and cinnamon topped with whip cream.

Please go try for me and report back!

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor is located at 524 S. 4th Street.

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