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Ferry Market Opens in New Hope, PA

Ferry Market New Hope PA

Ferry Market in New Hope PA

Ferry Market, the new fresh food market located at 32 South Main Street in New Hope, has opened.

The new gathering space for neighbors and tourists features healthy and flavorful prepared foods, seasonal produce, homemade chocolates, crepes and more. It is open Wednesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Since New Hope has many sit-down restaurants and not much take away food, the Market provides something different without competing with the restaurants that are there. Designed to be a contemporary market like Chelsea Market in New York, the idea is to keep it fluid. Customers can stop in, grab something quick – eat in or take out. Plus, it will offer breakfast that is rare in New Hope and foods not easily found, like gluten-free desserts at The Happy Mixer, Peruvian food at Lima Fusion or rice and noodle bowls at Boku.

Ferry Market New Hope

Ferry Market New Hope [Credit: New Hope Free Press]

There is indoor and outdoor seating and there are plans for a courtyard with benches, a zen garden with a water wall and a trellis of greenery by the summer. The Market can be used for business and social functions as well.

The Ferry Market is owned by Sherri and Kevin Daugherty who are continuing their commitment to New Hope. They founded Bridge Street Foundation to enhance the community and provided funding for the Bucks County Playhouse to renovate and bring Broadway-quality theater to New Hope. In addition, they have developed The Carriage House, Playhouse Inn which will include a restaurant by national renowned Iron Chef Jose Garces and, now, the Ferry Market, which is another aspect of their vision for New Hope and Bucks County.

“The intent is to try to address underdeveloped areas to make New Hope even better,” said Kevin Daugherty. “It had all been completely abandoned, even the waterfront. This building had been the Four Seasons Mall and it was under-utilized space. We heard the town was very interested in having a market, and this was right in the center of the town, fronting both Main Street and the Delaware River. It clearly had value if you could make the space more workable, and it fit in with the needs of the community.”

Not just a vision for the Daughertys, it’s a dream come true for many of the vendors. For Tom Sciascia, owner of Sciascia Confections, this is more than he could have hoped since 9/11 was a life changer for him and he re-focused his graphic design career to the art of chocolates. He said, “This was a chance to realize a dream of 16 years. With most of my design clients in New York, after 9/11, my business changed. In fact, I couldn’t afford the typical holiday gifts I gave and, since I come from a family where desserts are cherished, I decided to make chocolate truffles as gifts. They were so appreciated by my clients that they ordered them to give as their own gifts.” An unexpected career turn eventually led him to Ferry Market and he is thrilled with his space there. He continued. “We love how Parisians display their chocolate. It feels like you’re in a jewelry store with each chocolate its own little gem or sculpture. That’s how the market feels here.”

Sherri Daugherty of Ferry Market and Tom Sciascia of Sciascia Confections

Sherri Daugherty and Tom Sciascia [Credit: Sharla Feldscher]

Michele Poplaski, owns The Pork Shack in Ferry Market with her husband Rye Tippett. She has a catering business – Dish Catering in Frenchtown — and Dish restaurant in the Lambertville Station. She didn’t need another establishment, but she said, “This market is incredible. When we saw their plan, and we had to do it.” Known for their “Almost Famous” Pork Sandwich, she added, “It’s the reason we opened the place, to sell it here.”

Michele Poplaski at Ferry Market New Hope

Michele Poplaski and Rye Tippett [Credit: Sharla Feldscher]

Alan Cohen of Sky Roast Coffee has been an enthusiast for coffee for, at least, five years. He believes the best way to enjoy coffee is to roast it yourself so it’s fresh. He said, “I’ve learned that roasting is more art than practice.” At first, he just made it and gave it to friends or sold it at flower markets on weekends. But he also had a real job. He worked seven days a week until he had the opportunity to open his own shop at Ferry Market. He said, “I quit the day job and took a risk to put my coffee out there. I love the professionalism of the market, and I also love New Hope. I decided it was time to make this my only job.”

Alan Cohen, owner of Sky Roast Coffee, with Lindsay Troyer, Manager

Alan Cohen and Lindsay Troyer [Credit: Sharla Feldscher]

The Ferry Market is located at 32 S. Main Street, New Hope, PA. For more information about vendors, hours and rentals, visit, write to or call 609-240-5983.

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