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Celebrate International Bacon Day with Devil’s Den

Devil's Den Breakfast Bourbon Bacon Cocktail

Devil’s Den Owner and Beer Maven Erin Wallace says every dish tastes better with bacon, so the premier craft beer bar is celebrating International Bacon Day this Saturday, September 2nd, with a menu chock-full of, you guessed it, bacon!

Devil’s Den is no stranger to creating delicious bacon-themed dishes and cocktails — the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers ($7), ABLT ($4), Salmon BLT ($13), and the BBQ Beer Bloody Mary ($9) and Breakfast Bourbon ($9) cocktails have quickly become menu favorites and will be available all day Saturday (the cocktails will only be available during brunch — 10:30am-3pm).

Guests can also enjoy bacon food specials, including a Bacon Martini ($10), Fried Pork Croquettes with Bacon Mayo ($7), BBQ Scallops with Bacon Corn Salad ($15), Crisp Slab Bacon, with a soft egg and miriam pork broth ($9), and Bacon Caramel Ice Cream ($5)!

Have at it, bacon lovers!

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