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Grubspotting: Tax Man Wants Your Cheddar Burger + Beer + Shot

Rex 1516 invites you to enjoy their tasty ‘Tax Day’ Citywide Special – which includes a burger, beer and a shot… for just $17.

Rex 1516 Tax Day Burger

“Tax Man Wants Your Cheddar” [Photo: Rex 1516]

The “Tax Man Wants Your Cheddar” burger is made with roasted onions, jalapeños, pulled pork and cheddar. The burger comes with a Philadelphia Brewing Company Newbold IPA and a shot of Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut. Again, just $17!

Drown your tax day sorrows with an indulgent burger and booze. Go ahead. We won’t judge.

Rex 1516 is located at 1516 South Street.

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