Campbell’s to Celebrate a 102-Year-Old Soup Recipe at Franklin Fountain

Serving up a taste of nostalgia and history, Campbell’s has recreated its 1915 “Campbell’s Beefsteak Tomato Soup” recipe and is offering free samples of the limited edition soup and product giveaways during a “Throwback Thursday” tasting event on February 2, 2017 between 12:00-4:00PM at Franklin Fountain (116 Market Street).


The tasting event will feature samples of the soup, the recipe for which was recently discovered in the Campbell archive. True to the classic 1915 recipe, the soup was made with the seasonal New Jersey beefsteak tomatoes from southern New Jersey farmers and developed by a talented team of Campbell’s employees. It features a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, making the soup just as good as it was 100 years ago.

The ice-cream connoisseurs at Franklin Fountain, a vintage ice cream parlor and soda fountain that celebrates the “forgotten flavors of the American past,” have also created a special-edition batch of Tomato Bisque ice cream. Inspired by Campbell’s Beefsteak Tomato soup, the ice cream will be available to sample exclusively at the event.

The limited edition soup product is available at select New Jersey and Pennsylvania Cracker Barrel restaurants and via an online giveaway this January.

2 thoughts on “Campbell’s to Celebrate a 102-Year-Old Soup Recipe at Franklin Fountain

  1. Thanks for this nostalgic tip Marilyn!! My husband grandmother was a supervisor on the “chicken line”! Campbell’s soup took great care of their employees and we still own stock passed on by Grandmom Libby!

    • Sure! Thanks for sharing YOUR story with us. I think it’s a neat idea by Campbell’s. Glad to hear they took great care of employees back then. Probably a secret to their long success. We’re lucky to have them in our area. 🙂

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