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Ocean Prime Gets Exclusive First Catch of Dutch Harbor Red King Crab

Ocean Prime Dutch Red King Crab

Ocean Prime, the stunning restaurant, bar and event space on the corner of 15th and Sansom streets, is thrilled to announce the exclusive arrival of the highly-anticipated Dutch Harbor Red King Crabs, the most prized species of crab in the world, starting on Thursday, October 13, with fresh from the boat shipments through October 26.

Ocean Prime is one of the only restaurants nation-wide to have access to the first catch of the season. Customers will have exclusive access to the first shipments of the King Crab. The decadent crustaceans will go from the ocean to the table in only 24 hours.

Every year, the first boat of the season is boarded with officials from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game who measure, inspect and gather important data about the crabs before they ship to restaurants.

Last year, two of Ocean Prime’s regional chefs, Mike Denton and Jamie Kline, were fortunate to fly to Alaska and team up with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as well as the cast of the gripping documentary series, Deadliest Catch, to participate in this voyage to acquire the first catch of the season!

Ocean Prime Deadliest Catch Dutch Harbor Red King Crab

Ocean Prime Chefs Mike Denton and Jamie Kline on The Deadliest Catch

“We are so excited to receive the annual shipment of Dutch King Crab,” said Executive Chef, Rory Baatz. “This is an exclusive opportunity for our customers to enjoy some of the world’s most sought-after Crab Legs.”

The Dutch Harbor Red King Crab Legs are among the world’s most coveted crustacean, have a sweet, juicy flavor and succulent texture, and can weigh anywhere from five to 15 pounds. They will be served chilled or hot with drawn butter. Recommended wine pairings include Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino and – of course – Champagne.

Guests can enjoy the decadent, fresh crab for $75/lb.

Ocean Prime is located at 124 S. 15th St., in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Call 215-563-0163 for reservations.

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