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EAT THIS: The Bacon Jams Spreadable Bacon

Ain’t no shame in our game: we ❤ bacon!

The Bacon Jams

The Bacon Jams: Black Pepper and Red Chile & Garlic

So when we tried The Bacon Jams for the first time, it was love at first taste. This introduction took place last year at Noshhh, a local craft food & drink vendor showcase. We had tried other bacon spreads before, such as the Skillet brand (which is decent), but The Bacon Jams blows them out of the water!

We were psyched when they reached out offering to send us a jar. We already possessed a jar of the Red Chile & Garlic flavor that we received from our friend Chef Cherryl’s foodie meetup a few months ago (they were a sponsor of her event); so we asked them to send us the Black Pepper flavor.

The Black Pepper flavor is delightfully peppery; just enough to tickle your tongue and let you know it’s there!

The combination of the soft, savory bacon, the sweetness from brown sugar in the “jam,” and the spiciness of black pepper is fabulous. It lends itself to so many applications.

We have used it a couple of fun and yummy ways so far; added a spoonful to homemade honey mustard dressing for a dinner salad and a couple of spoonfuls to some homemade macaroni and cheese. So tasty!! The possibilities are endless, though.

I will definitely be trying some of these recipes on The Bacon Jams website very soon. In the immediate future, though, we’ll add it to our BBQ sauce and baked beans when BBQ’ing this weekend. Stay tuned to Instagram and Twitter to find out how that goes.

Kudos to this Montgomery County-based company and brand. They’re growing leaps and bound according to this article on the Philadelphia Business Journal. We look forward to following their evolution and watching them break into the gourmet food market far and wide. We can say “We knew them when!”

Give it a try, you’ll thank us!

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