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New “Real Barbecue” Spot Opens in Pennsauken

South Jersey Gains a Bold New Barbecue Spot on Route 130 South in Pennsauken 

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken

Looking for delicious BBQ in South Jersey? How about right off the Betsy Ross Bridge in Pennsauken? You’re totally in luck!

At first blush, the location seems awkward since it’s a lone stretch of 4-lane highway coming from Cinnaminson towards Pennsauken. But it’s actually quite brilliant when you think about it; moreover, we’re true believers that it’s bound to be a sought-after barbecue destination in South Jersey.

Located adjacent to Pennsauken Check Cashing on Route 130 South (next to the U-Haul self storage facility), MEN in the Kitchen Kicked-Up Sandwiches and Barbecue couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location. And yes, the name is quite the mouthful – literally and figuratively.

MEN in the Kitchen Kicked-Up Sandwiches and BBQ Pennsauken

The Pennsauken Industrial Park located directly right off 130 right behind them is massive; there are dozens of companies with hundreds of employees. Hungry industrial and manufacturing workers? Next to a Check Cashing place? Open for lunch? I think you get my drift! 😉

Don’t let the location, a humble space (formerly a doctor’s office), and spartan decor deter you. What they lack in ambiance, they more than make up for with genuine hospitality, a friendly attitude, their ambition and a dream, and naturally — amazing family-style barbecue! 🍗

This family business venture is the dream of: Jenina (“Nina”) and Darrin Hardison (wife and husband co-owners) including their sons Drue and Zjustyn Hardison, along with chefs Rashaan Matlock and Parris Weddington, and Mimi Hardy their enthusiastic assistant.

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Crew

When asked about what prompted them to open a barbecue establishment particularly, Nina offered that her husband, Darrin, would come home from a hard day’s work and what he wanted to do the most was cook – as stress relief. His favorite food: Barbecue.

After some time, it became obvious that Darrin was really most passionate about cooking for his family and decided that barbecue was his honest vocation. So, Nina recognizing this, took the leap of faith to find and secure a location where they could explore his dream of having a business to feed folks his brand of home-style BBQ.

Menu items are below. Notice the great prices — totally affordable!

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Platters

Platter prices includes your choice of one side: old-fashioned macaroni and cheese, kicked-up potato salad, cole slaw, or corn on the cob + pineapple cornbread. PINEAPPLE CORNBREAD WHAT? Amazeballs.

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Sandwiches

Sandwich prices are very reasonable at $7.50 each.

MEN in the Kitchen Pennsauken BBQ Brisket

And on occasion, they’ll have barbecued Brisket too! YUM!!

All sauces are made in-house, of course. Your choice of mild (which was sold out upon our visit) and kicked-up red sauces, “smacked” sauce (which is a mayo-based sauce), and ketchup.

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Sauces

Why the name “MEN in the Kitchen?” Because Nina said when her husband Darrin would come home and cook, she’d call him “The man in the kitchen” and he would then invite his buddies over to cook with him. Consequentially, there’s a few men in this very large kitchen making all the BBQ magic happen.

MEN in the Kitchen Pennsauken

Okay, this is all good. How’s the food? In a word — AWESOME!

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Pulled Pork Platter

Pulled Pork Platter with Kicked Up Potato Salad, Mac & Cheese and Corn on the Cob

The pulled pork is tender, juicy and very well-seasoned. The kicked-up potato salad is absolute creamy perfection with a hint of spice, the macaroni & cheese was sublime – made just the way I LOVE it – and the corn on the cob was wonderfully steamed and sweet!

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Chicken and Pork Ribs Platter

Chicken and Pork Ribs Combo Platter with Kicked-Up Potato Salad and Corn on the Cob

While it doesn’t mention it on the menu (yet), for a dollar more you can make any platter a combo (your choice of two meats).

Hubby requested his platter be a combination of a quarter chicken portion and pork spare ribs. As a BBQ aficionado, he remarked that these are some of the finest ribs he’s had in some time (other than at home, of course). What stood out as notable was the superbly flavorful bark on ribs, which offer a pleasant alternative texture to the normally “fall off the bone” style of ribs.

At current, there’s no seating for dining in, so expect to take it with you. However, they do have a spacious on-premises banquet room that can seat 65 available by request (to rent) for larger private parties and functions.

We highly recommend that if you’re in the mood for terrific BBQ and in the Pennsauken/Camden County area, or if you’re willing to seek out outstanding BBQ, point your GPS destination to 9003 Route 130 South (also known as Crescent Boulevard) and pull into MEN in the Kitchen Kicked-Up Sandwiches and Barbecue and prepare to be wowed by great take-out BBQ in South Jersey.

Hours are here:

MEN in the Kitchen BBQ Pennsauken Hours

Call (856) 870-9563 with your questions. And by all means, tell them Philly Grub sent you!

All photographs by David and Marilyn Johnson. 

6 thoughts on “New “Real Barbecue” Spot Opens in Pennsauken

  1. That crap was nasty. It was more bread than pork & the Cole slaw would make someone throw up. Terrible food!! The food is NASTY!!

  2. Great food and service. Had ribs, Mac & cheese and baked beans. Don’t be fooled by the modest size. Thsee ribs are the TRUTH!!!!! Will definitely be back.

    • I spent $11.00 for (2) ribs. Enough said. Didn’t even get cornbread that was suppose to come with it. Won’t be back!

      • Sorry to hear that, Kevan. I’ve been meaning to go back, but just haven’t been able to make the time. When I do, I’ll post a follow-up.

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