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Hell’s Kitchen Premiere Party Featuring Philly Chef Danielle “Dannie” Harrison

On Friday, January 15th, the Logan Hotel will host a Hell’s Kitchen Season 15 Premiere Party in which local Chef Danielle “Dannie” Harrison competed. The party will be held in the Stenton Ballroom of the hotel located in at 1850 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Chef Dannie Harrison Season 15 Hell's Kitchen

Tickets are on sale fro $30 and include a chef’s tasting by Urban Farmer Steakhouse and live music by The Pakman Steve Tirpak featuring Christopher Stevens.

3 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen Premiere Party Featuring Philly Chef Danielle “Dannie” Harrison

  1. Such a shame. I’m sure Philly is ashamed and embarrassed by Chef Dannie Harrison. Her behavior On Hell’s Kitchen is a poor representation of herself and her home state. Even with the opportunity to redeem herself she steadfastly stood by her don’t care, mediocre standards and bitchy attitude. She could have learned so much. What a waste.

    • I completely agree she should have been eliminated alot sooner. She was there for arielle, not for herself. Prime example of the selfish entitled attitude today. I would never hire her.Sorry but she is a scumbag in my book to do that, and did she not realize she was on national television, and the balls to come out for the celebration.

    • As a black woman, I was so angry ! Not only did she NOT support Ariel, she TOTALLY denigrated black women everywhere ! She is obviously not as talented as she thinks she is. Poor manners and a selfish attitude complete a disgusting picture…..I would certainly NOT hire her for ANYTHING !!!

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