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What The Hell are Crispy Fish Jawns?

Just a couple of days ago, Ippolito’s Seafood, 1300 Dickinson Street, posted weekly specials on their Facebook page. A the top of the flyer listed “Crispy Fish Jawns Served with Hot Sauce” for the insanely cheap price of .99 cents per order.


“Crispy Fish Jawns” stood out at the top of Ippolito’s Seafood’s weekly deals flyer

I immediately responded “I want Crispy Fish Jawns!” not having one clue what they hell they are and I didn’t care. What a fun name; so quintessentially Philly.

For those of you who don’t know, “jawn” is a word that is rooted here in our beloved town and not used anywhere else. It’s a word you can use for pretty much anything. Check it out on Urban Dictionary.

Naturally, Ippolito’s social media team responded “come on down!” but it’s not easy for me to get to South Philly these days. So, sadly, I haven’t yet tried these curiously crispy jawns.

Leave it to Reddit Philadelphia to notice.

Then, NewsWorks noticed and they just had to learn more and, of course, try them. Thank goodness because I sure didn’t have the time. Now I really got to make the time to get over there to try them. From the NewsWorks team’s description, and others, they be “bangin’.”

Ippolitos Crispy Fish Jawns

Ippolito’s Seafood Crispy Fish Jawns (photo credit: WHYY Newsworks)

Described as fish cracklings or fish chips, they definitely look like some tasty fishy vittles right there. Sounds like Ippolito’s may keep it on the menu, too, as they seem to be big sellers already. Let’s hope so.

Who wants to take odds on “Crispy Fish Jawns” becoming the name of an ironic indie hipster band some day? 🙂

Have you tried the Crispy Fish Jawns or do you plan to try them? Let us know – we’d love to hear all about it! We’ll report back once we’ve had an opportunity to.

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