HubBub Coffee To Launch Mobile Cold Brew Coffee “Trikes” This Sunday, July 12

HubBub Cold Brew Trikes

HubBub Coffee is Rolling Out Mobile Cold Brew Coffee Trikes This Sunday, July 12th

This Sunday, July 12, HubBub Coffee is taking the coffee-slinging gimmick to the next level when they debut their two new Cold Brew Trikes” with a playful trek across Philadelphia.

They even have an official hashtag for the occasion:

HubBub started in 2009 as the city’s first coffee truck and now includes 3 brick-and-mortar locations across the region; the trikes represent a dynamic, playful nod to their on-the-go roots, expanding their “fleet” to include man-powered coffee-delivery vehicles toting fresh, frosty cold brew all over Philadelphia, just in time for the height of summer.

This could be fun; I’m sure when the heat is beating on you while on your Philadelphia street journeys, having a dude (or chick?) on a bike pull up and offer you a refreshing cold coffee, might be just what you need. Anyways…

Here’s the official rundown from their PR:

  • Both trikes will be outfitted with bright red cold boxes that carry one keg each:
    • HubBub will brew kegs of their delicious cold-brewed iced coffee, artfully crafted from their proprietary blend of beans
    • HubBub’s extraction pros perfected their cold brew HubBub Blend in partnership with ReAnimator Coffee, working tirelessly to develop the ideal recipe
    • Their cold coffee, which is also available from their brick-and-mortar cafes, brews for 24 hours to achieve ideal depth of flavor, and is crafted with the same obsessive attention to detail that other baristas reserve for single-origin blends and hot coffee products, making it exceptionally rich and satisfying, with familiar notes of chocolate and nuts as well as bright, fruity notes that are only found in the most expertly crafted cold brew coffee
    • The kegs will allow each trike to dispense cold brew on draught, and the keg boxes on the trikes will fold open to transform the vehicle into a small, mobile coffee bar
  • To celebrate the debut of the trikes, HubBub baristas will set off on the #HubBubTrikeTrek, a bike-and-trike journey across the city:
    • On Sunday, July 12, a team of bicycling baristas will depart from HubBub’s cafe at 38th and Spruce at 11 a.m. for a one-hour ride across Philadelphia, with one of the trikes leading the way
    • Fans can expect to find the bikes and trike in Rittenhouse Square, along South Street, and in University City, though the actual route will be revealed throughout the ride via social media
    • The trike team will stop regularly to hand out cold brew samples, HubBub pins, info on the trikes and their cold brew cargo, and to snap pics with cold brew coffee lovers, which they’ll share throughout the trek on Twitter and Instagram
    • Fans are invited to share their own pics and Tweets with #HubBubTrikeTrek
  • Throughout the summer, cold brew fans can also find the trikes:
    • Outside of Yard’s Brewery on Saturdays, caffeinating the masses before and after brewery tours.
    • Visiting a different neighborhood for “Cold-Brewsday” every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, offering free samples and getting to know their new neighbors
    • At festivals, events and landmark outdoor locations across the city (details will be announced via social media)
    • At a bike-friendly “Trike Coming Out Party” featuring cold brew samples and fun partnerships with other two-wheeled vendors (details will be finalized later in the season)
  • The Cold Brew Trikes are also available for private events by special appointment, and make a whimsical addition to outdoor weddings and birthday parties, as well as corporate events and Field Day-type gatherings.

So be on the lookout for these guys on trikes shilling delicious, cool & refreshing cold coffee in the city of Brewery Love this Sunday, July 12th. Snap pix and share with us on Instagram!

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