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Fried Flounder Hoagie FTW!

I’ve been living in Newbold/Point Breeze for 7 months now. I’ve passed by 16th Street Seafood and had been curious about it. While I’m not a huge seafood fan, I do love fish – fresh, fried, baked, raw. Yummy! Anyways, I was not in the mood to make lunch today and this place immediately came to mind. So I sauntered down to peruse the menu. In addition to big seafood meals and platters – shrimp, scallops, snow crab, and various fishes – they also have sandwiches and hoagies. As the name implies, the majority of the menu is seafood or fish, but they also have cheesesteaks and chicken options.

Today I wanted fried fish! So I ordered the fried flounder hoagie w/ tartar, lettuce, tomato, and raw onion. The verdict? Outstanding. First of all the hoagie is HUGE! Easily a foot-long. The flounder is perfectly fried on the outside, juicy on the inside. According to their menu they also have tilapia and whiting hoagies as well fish cake and crab cake on round rolls. Color me impressed! Oh, but the best part… it was only $5! Screw Subway, this is the $5 foot long you want! Especially if you’re a fish sandwich/hoagie fan. Do yourself a favor and check this place out! (Note: it’s take out only)

Website is “coming soon”, so do a search on Google maps (16th & Tasker) and you’ll see where they are located. 🙂

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