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Taste Cheesesteak Bar Opening This Weekend

Taste Cheesesteak Bar is opening at 1809 JFK Blvd. on Saturday, September 16.

Are you ready for more cheesesteaks? Taste Cheesesteak Bar is hosting its grand opening on Saturday, September 16th, at 1809 JFK Blvd.

Taste Cheesesteak Bar hopes to elevate the cheesesteak from a mere sandwich and make it a gastronomic sensation. Featuring audacious offerings such as the Oxtail Cheesesteak and Jerk Chicken Cheesesteak, they are taking the cheesesteak to another realm. Pushing cheesesteaks in a gourmet direction, the Taste Tomahawk Cheesesteak might just shatter all preconceived notions of what a cheesesteak could be.

Vegans and vegetarians are going to be happy, too. The Cauliflower and Portobello Mushroom cheesesteaks are not just ‘good for a plant-based option’ but are “mind-blowingly delicious.”

The menu isn’t just cheesesteaks either. They’re also offering “game-changing” pizzas.

If you’re looking for an upgraded cheesesteak experience, this might just be the place.

Open hours are Monday through Wednesday from 12 pm to 12 am and Thursday through Sunday from 12 pm to 3 am.

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