Plant-Based / Vegan

Plant-Based Business Experts and Chefs Present Vegan Webinar

Embracing Plant Power
DATE: Thursday, August 9, 2023
TIME: 5-6:30pm ET

Did you know that vegan menus are driving business growth in the restaurant industry? From Eleven Madison Park to Chipotle, restaurants around the world are embracing plant power, and here’s why:

1️⃣ Growing Demand: Vegan diets are on the rise, with a 600% increase in self-identified vegans in the US, over the past few years. Offering plant-based options taps into this expanding market.

2️⃣ Broad Customer Base: Vegan menus attract not only vegans but also vegetarians, flexitarians, and health-conscious individuals, broadening your customer base.

3️⃣ Health & Sustainability Benefits: Whole Plant-based diets offer numerous health benefits and contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing emissions and resource consumption.

4️⃣ Culinary Creativity: Vegan options inspire chefs to get creative, resulting in delicious, visually appealing dishes that challenge stereotypes about vegan food.

5️⃣ Social Media Influence: Online platforms play a significant role in promoting vegan menus, when you offer attractive and delicious vegan options, customers will eagerly share their dining experiences on their social media platforms, spreading the word about your restaurant.




Don’t miss out on this vegan dining evolution! Join the movement, drive business growth, and make a positive impact. 🌿🚀

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