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Bombay Kitchen Indian Street Food Truck in Northeast Philly

Earlier this year, a brand new food truck cruised into Northeast Philly, bringing along the explosive and tongue-tickling flavors of Indian street food to the streets of Philadelphia. It was only fitting for a concept like Indian street food to make its grand appearance on the actual streets themselves!

Bombay Kitchen Food Truck in Northeast Philly

Located at 7300 Algon Avenue, Bombay Kitchen Food Truck is a culinary gem near the Roosevelt Mall and serves delicious Indian street fare Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 8 PM. It’s important to note that the truck is halal, providing a welcoming haven for those adhering to religious dietary restrictions.

Born in India, owner Baby Sujith, who has lived in Philadelphia since he was 5, explained, “I always wanted to open an Indian food truck in Northeast Philly.”

This year, driven by his unwavering passion for the exquisite flavors of his heritage, he transformed his dream into a triumphant reality.

This one-of-a-kind Indian food truck is all about bringing you the best of both worlds. Bombay Kitchen has your familiar traditional Indian dishes that will make your taste buds do a Bollywood dance, but we also serve up some awesome Philly-inspired surprises that will surely delight. And hey, not everything on our menu demands a fancy fork! They have some portable delights too, so you can enjoy your flavorful feast on the go. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

Get ready to have your taste buds tickled with the one and only Chicken Tikka Hoagie! Brace yourselves for this ingenious creation that takes a classic chicken cheesesteak to a whole new level. Picture this: perfectly seasoned chicken, grilled tikka-style, leaving you wondering how something so simple can be so incredibly delicious. Yes, there is a plain chicken cheesesteak available, but why settle for ordinary when you can embark on a tantalizing journey of Indian flavors? OIce you’ve experienced the magic of the Chicken Tikka Hoagie, the plain version will pale in comparison.

The Fries Over Chicken dish is super popular, and like, seriously, no wonder — it looks freakin’ mouthwatering! When you check out their Instagram, everything looks hella tempting and bursting with flavor. There are all these vibrant colors and delicious textures that are totally drool-worthy.

They offer Biryani bowls with a variety of meat options. Additionally, they serve kebabs, combo dishes, chicken 65 tenders, samosas, various desserts, and of course, naan bread. The range of options available at this food truck is truly impressive, I must admit.

Bombay Kitchen Food Truck menu

Check them out if you’re ever in that area of Northeast Philly or order delivery via 3rd party apps if you are within 3-5 miles. Don’t forget to tell them Philly Grub sent you.

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