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Korean-American Restaurant Pop Up Brings Weekend Dinners to Taco Heart in South Philly

Jenn Kim’s Soul & Busan touring restaurant returns to South Philly with upbeat Korean-American casual food for three spring weekends: March 24-26, April 7-9, and April 21-23. A residency at Taco Heart offers convenience for diners.

Jenn Kim grew up in Colorado, the child of immigrants from South Korea. Her tendencies in the kitchen reflect this: “I’m making a mash-up of what I like to eat, what Korean-American means to me and my tastebuds. You can get a fried chicken sandwich anywhere, but mine has Korean flavors. It’s nostalgic food that takes you back to childhood, quick and casual: the excitement of a fast food meal in a minivan. I’m just adding some new textures and flavors for fun.”

Kim’s plans for the restaurant are all about “keeping it simple” with tasty combo deals as well as a la carte orders. One combo meal, featuring said fried chicken sandwich, is referred to as “Miggy’s Meal” in a nod to her husband Miguel. The other combo meal is vegetarian, “J’s Meal,” with a fried tofu sandwich, which can also be made vegan to-order.

J’s Meal Combo by Soul & Busan

Soul & Busan appeared at a number of South Philadelphia spots through 2020 and 2021. Kim has arranged to run the restaurant in select spring evenings at Taco Heart, 1001 E. Passyunk Ave. (Taco Heart will be open for breakfast service on the days that Soul & Busan runs the kitchen during evening hours; a double delight for local diners!)

Service is walk-up orders only, with Friday Saturday and Sunday available 5:00-8:00. Some seating is available.

Korokke (potato croquettes) by Soul & Busan

The Soul & Busan menu includes crowd favorites like Miggy’s K-fried Chicken Sandwich as well as a marinated & breaded tofu version of that sandwich. Sides include korokke (potato croquettes), kimchi spiced French fries, plus a tangy oi muchim cucumber salad. For dessert, Kim offers hotteok rice krispie treats and is debuting flan.

One additional to-go option for Philly cooks and eaters will be bottles of Jenn’s Good On Everything Sauce, which is based on gochujang and soy flavors: spicy, sweet, salty, and tangy, it can serve as a dipper, a marinade, or a basting mop.

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