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Philly Fish Store Celebrates Lent with Super Frozen Seafood + Bonus Fish & Chips Recipe

Fishtown Seafood, offers Philadelphians a new way to get fresh seafood this Lent, super frozen. Fishtown Seafood, located at 339 Belgrade Street, is one of the only stores in Philly selling super frozen seafood direct to consumers. Fish that is sold in a super frozen state usually only comes from Japanese restaurants or wholesale supply chains, and up until now, customers were not able to buy it directly from a store.

Bryan Szeliga of Fishtown Seafood

“Technology for preserving fish has come a long way and super frozen fish is so much fresher”, explains Bryan Szeliga, owner of Fishtown Seafood. “’Fresh fish’ can often be 11 to 14 days old and deteriorating before it is eaten, but super frozen starts decomposing once you defrost it in your own home.”

Szeliga stocks seafood that avoids air transport to reduce his carbon footprint. He aims to work with local suppliers who pay their fishermen a living wage and process their fish to keep it in the highest state of freshness possible.

“Chefs and consumers get a lot of misinformation about seafood,” explained Szeliga. “I want to change that and show them there’s another way to look at this type of protein.”

This focus on what’s best for customers and the planet is what earned Szeliga the Triple Bottom Champion award from the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. The award is given for businesses that embody being mindful of people, planet, and profit.

Fish & Chips anyone?

Fish Recipe for Fish & Chip

Bryan shared an easy fish recipe for fish & chips for Lent using Atlantic Pollock on Fishtown Seafood’s Instagram and gave us permission to publish here. Are you abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent? Try this fish & chips recipe!

1) Use New Hope Mills Buttermilk Pancake Mix or something similar for the batter. It will make for a crisp and fluffy shell around the fish. 
2) Use any type of fizzy water, IPA, or beer of your choice for the liquid. The bubbles will help make a fluffy batter.
3) Mix the batter with chopsticks to keep the gluten in check.
4) Use a ratio of about 1:1 for the liquid-to-pancake mix
5) Use Atlantic Pollock and not haddock (or cod). Pollock has an excellent fat content and is not overly flakey, so the fish will hold together.
6) Fry until the batter is nicely browned and enjoy!

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