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Treat Yourself: Saté Kampar Japanese Wagyu Dinners at Cake & Joe in December

Saté Kampar’s Ange Branca is hosting a series of seven-course Japanese Wagyu dinners throughout the month of December at Cake & Joe located at 1401 E. Moyamensing Avenue in Philadelphia’s Pennsport neighborhood. The dinners will be held every Sunday through Wednesday from December 11th through the 28th, including Christmas Day.

Saté Kampar’s Ange Branca [Photo by Hieu Pham]

The BYOB dinners will feature one seating per night, with tables being seated between 6 and 8:15 p.m., and cost $200 per person including tax. Bookings can be made here. A payment request will be sent, and reservations are confirmed only after full payment is made.

Ange Branca is the first chef in the City of Philadelphia to do a multi-course dinner featuring Japanese Wagyu. The Wagyu used is of the coveted Mt. Fuji Beef brand. Cattle of this brand are raised at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan and grow up drinking natural mineral water from Japan’s most iconic mountain.

Japanese Wagyu is not only genetically different from American Wagyu, it also benefits from meticulous husbandry and a long history of selective breeding. As a result, Japanese Wagyu is significantly more marbled, has a silky mouth feel, and emits a unique aroma called Wagyu-ko. Each Japanese Wagyu animal comes with its own 10-digit traceability number, which can be used to trace every detail of the animal’s life from birth to slaughter as well as linage information. No other food product in the world has this level of transparency.

The meat that Chef Ange uses comes from a heifer (Wagyu meat from heifers is considered the best, so they are generally more expensive than steer or cows) which is graded A5, BMS 10. Her carefully curated dishes feature rare cuts of Japanese Wagyu almost never found on American plates, including chuck roll, clod, and shank. In addition to proving that with Japanese Wagyu, non-prime cuts can be just as good, if not better, Chef Ange’s creative dishes also showcase versatile applications of Wagyu in a diverse range of cuisines.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own wine, beer, or spirits, and Branca says to expect to pair beverages with Malaysian flavors which are “a little spicy,” as well as Hakka flavors which are “very savory and umami-like.”

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