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Tailgating with Thomas’ Breads: Grilled English Muffin Cheesesteak Recipe

Thomas’ Breads – a local staple headquartered in Horsham, PA – just crowned a Tailgating Champion Recipe following a nationwide contest and the winner that garnered thousands of votes was, what else, a Philly cheesesteak!

A former elementary school principal, Phil Shivers, submitted the winning recipe using Thomas’ famous English Muffins. Thomas’ wanted to share it with you in case you were looking to make something fun and different for your tailgating parties.

The grilled muffin cheesesteak recipe was just super simple: some roast beef, onions, peppers, a little seasoning, two kinds of cheese — provolone and mozzarella — and grilled English muffins with a little butter and garlic.

Let me know if you try a cheesesteak on an English muffin or if you incorporate them into another recipe for your tailgating parties! I’m definitely going to start thinking outside of the box with Thomas’ English muffins.

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