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Ardmore’s Char & Stave Releases Two New Autumnal Roasts

Char & Stave Coffee, Bluebird Distilling’s new coffee roastery and Ardmore’s newest full-service café-by-day and cocktail bar-by-night, is thrilled to announce the release of their first new coffee roasts since opening in April of 2022 at 21 Rittenhouse Place in Ardmore. The roasts, dubbed Flannel and Rumpkin Spice, are ideal for sipping amidst brisk fall temperatures and throughout the duration of sweater weather season. Char & Stave’s newest roasts are now available to purchase in-store and at sister distillery, Bluebird Distilling. 

Char & Stave’s Rumpkin Spice Blend, a must-try for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a PSL, is the first batch of new beans available for purchase since Char & Stave’s grand opening last spring. In collaboration with sister distillery Bluebird Distilling, Rumpkin Spice Blend beans are aged in barrels used to create Bluebird Distilling Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum, following the company’s ethos of “coffee made by whiskey people.”

The name ‘Char & Stave’ references the barrels that whiskey experts at Bluebird distilling use for aging bourbon and signature barrel-aged roast coffee beans, including the Rumpkin Spice Blend. The new unbe-leaf-ably delicious fall flavors make for a perfect pick-me-up while cozied up by a campfire, at home on the couch watching Hocus Pocus or binging Gilmore Girls, or sipped on a picturesque autumn day spent on-site at Char & Stave.  

“Fall is officially here, and we’re celebrating with two new delicious coffee blends that capture seasonal flavors exceptionally well,” said Jared Adkins, Founder of Char & Stave and award-winning Phoenixville sister distillery, Bluebird Distilling. “It was particularly exciting to use Bluebird Distilling’s Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum to infuse Char & Stave’s Rumpkin Spice Blend in order to create a unique taste that you won’t be able to find in your average Pumpkin Spice Latte.” 

Coffee-lovers will fall in love with Char & Stave’s FlannelBlend, a whole bean medium roast with a warm and savory taste. This blend features cozy notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and jam in every sip. Char & Stave’s Rumpkin Spice Blend is also full of autumnal spices, offering a unique twist on the popular pumpkin spice flavor as a result of infusing it with the Bluebird Distilling Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum. Flavors similar to the seasonally released Bluebird Distilling spirit like cocoa, vanilla, rum, spice, and pumpkin pie can be enjoyed in every cup of Rumpkin Spice Blend coffee. Bluebird Distilling’s new blends are available in-store at the Ardmore location. The Flannel Blend is available for $19 / 12oz, and the Rumpkin Spice Blend is available for $23 / 12oz. 

Guests can now enjoy steaming cups of joe made with the Flannel and Rumpkin Spice Blends, as well as a variety of other coffee beverages, like a classic Pumpkin Spiced Latte ($13), crafted with Rumpkin Spice coffee blend, milk, and pumpkin pie spice. Imbibers who are looking for a boozy way to celebrate the fall season can turn to cocktails made with Bluebird Distilling Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum, a seasonal release that is back by popular demand. The experts at Char & Stave are whipping up a variety of autumnal libations featuring this spirit, including the Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini ($13), made with Bluebird Distilling Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum, cinnamon, vanilla, espresso, and chicory-pecan bitters and The Most Autumnal ($13), fashioned with Bluebird Distilling Spiced Pumpkin Dark Rum, cranberry, lemon, maple syrup, and orange. 

Additionally, Char & Stave has recently begun to welcome in the after-work crowd to enjoy buzz-worthy Happy Hour specials for the very first time, offered Monday – Friday from 4 – 6 pm. Specials include $3 off all Drips and Drams (mocktails and cocktails, respectively), $9 Highballs, 50% off all Flights, 25% off all pastries and rotating weekly features, and $7 citywides. A standout cocktail is the Lucky Ardmore, crafted with steaming Char & Stave coffee, Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon and topped with hand whipped foam, orange bitters and just a touch of raw sugar, also just $7. Additional information regarding menu items and happy hour specials available upon request. 

Coffee drinkers can get their fix or take a load off at the cozy Char & Stave coffee bar beginning at 7 am during the week and 8 am on the weekends, with a selection of classic and nouveau breakfast beverages spanning everything from traditionally brewed coffee to Char & Stave’s signature barrel aged espresso, Nitro Cold Brew, Nitro Draft Lattes and a Whiskey Smash Latte, along with a bevy of pastries and baked goods from local purveyors. A selection of signature cocktails and mocktails are available to enjoy throughout the day and into the evening, as Char & Stave’s transitional lounge seating transforms from a bright and airy coffee bar into a chic and alluring whiskey lounge.  

Retail offerings available at Char & Stave include bags of whole/ground coffee beans, Bluebird Distilling spirits, such as the Four Grain Bourbon, Juniperus Gin and Straight Rye Whiskey and branded merchandise (think tote bags and t-shirts). Coming soon, Char & Stave beans and coffee will also be available for purchase at cafés in the surrounding area, as well as direct to consumer sales online at   

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