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Get To Know: Boomer’s Kitchen & Catering Food Truck

I get a lot of pitches for stories from all kinds of sources. From PR firms to food business owners themselves. From time to time, I receive information from other third party sources. In the case of Boomer’s Kitchen & Catering, I was contacted by an agency working with Verizon Small Business Digital Ready.

V’Esther Goode of Boomer’s Kitchen & Catering

They alerted me to a story about V’Esther Goode, owner of Boomer’s Kitchen & Catering, who took free, online courses during the pandemic designed by Verizon to help small business owners. I read the pitch and Boomer’s story, and I was impressed for a couple of reasons.

1. I had no idea this small business growth program existed and I think other small businesses should know about it. (Seriously, if you’re looking to learn something new that can help your business, check it out!)

2. I’m always happy to shine a spotlight on a small food business and showing how they are working hard to grow their businesses.

During the pandemic, Boomer had to pivot like many SMB owners did and while she was successful, she was often stressed and felt like her business was running her. After taking Verizon Small Business Digital Ready courses – a free, online portal designed to help owners like Boomer succeed in today’s digital world – she was able to better track her finances, write a business plan, attract corporate catering gigs, target social media influencers, and infuse search engine optimization (SEO) into her website redesign.

From the looks of her social media profiles, Boomer’s catering food truck business is booming!

According to the website, “Boomer’s Kitchen and Catering was founded and created by V’Esther Brown, also known as “Boomer” in 2015. Starting a catering business was never her intention, however, while posting her home-cooked meals via Instagram she started receiving great feedback and comments. Boomer was on a mission in 2015 when she began selling platters as a fundraiser to get her son through college. She started selling her famous breakfast platters out of her house on the weekends and would sell out every weekend. That’s when she noticed her skills could go further than the kitchen. Boomer decided to clear her savings and invest in her food truck, and the rest is history!”

Way to go, V’Esther! Love hearing these success stories of small food businesses in Philadelphia. If you need some real good Philly grub at your event, check out Boomer’s Kitchen & Catering!

Got a story about another Philly food business crushing it? Let me know!

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