Philly Expat Creates Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes Anthem

Philadelphia area ex-pat Pitz Quattrone has produced a catchy anthem, “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes,” paying homage to two of Philly’s most enduring foods. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Get to know Pitz Quattrone!

Philly Grub: Where did you grow up?

Pitz Quattrone: I grew up in Morrisville (Lower Bucks Co.) My dad was born and raised in South Philly. He had season tickets to the Eagles from 1960 until the day he died in 2005. He took me to all the home games starting at Franklin Field and then to the Vet. He also shared season tickets to the Flyers, which we went to every 3rd home game. 

PG: How long did you live here?

PQ: I lived in the Philly area from birth (1962) until I moved out of state in 1998. 

PG: Where do you live now?

PQ: My wife, Amy, a social worker, and I moved to Vermont because we wanted to try our hand at homesteading, and land here was still affordable. We now have a beautiful place on 10 acres that perfectly matches what we had in mind back in the late 90s.  

PG: Why did you move away?

PQ: My career… as a didgeridoo performer! It takes me worldwide, sharing what I have learned about it, its musical flexibility, and its health benefits. It has taken me around the USA, Greenland, and Africa, and coming in December to Costa Rica to share its magic. 

I love putting the Didge in various musical settings as I believe it is the most musically versatile instrument that can be a critical component of any music.

PG: What inspired the song? 

PQ: I wanted to create a song celebrating the two things I miss the most about living in the Philly area, Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes. I also thought that there should be a Philly anthem that sheds a positive light on the city and brings all its people together as one. NYC has New York, New York, Boston has Sweet Caroline (for some reason?), and Philly now has Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes. 

I created “Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes” with another Philly ex-pat, Chris Robertson, who also lives in Vermont. 

I also thought it would be fun to have a Karaoke version so Philly folks everywhere can sing along! 

Thanks for sharing, PQ!

2 thoughts on “Philly Expat Creates Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes Anthem

  1. Pitz is an endearing human being. His positivity and sense of humor has made me laugh for decades. Every time I talk to him it has something to do with Philly. Funny tune and man. Check both out.

  2. Philly Expat Creates Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes Anthem. This is just such a great post, Marilyn. Pitz has extreme energy and talent. First class all the way.

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