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Philly Cannoli King Opens Constitution Cannoli King in Old City

December Update: Constitution Cannoli King is now open.

November Update: Work is progressing and they have renamed it to Constitution Cannoli King.

René Kobeitri, the infamous owner of South Philly’s Rim Cafe and Philly Cannoli King on 9th Street in the Italian Market, AKA Little Italy, will open a 2nd location of Philly Cannoli King at 211 Chestnut Street in Old City. It replaces the former Double Shots Coffee Shop, which closed two years ago.

211 Chestnut Street is the future location of the 2nd Philly Cannoli King/Old City Sweet

René and his wife, Chara “Belle” Rowland, will serve his recipes of fresh handmade gelatos, cannoli with fresh homemade ricotta and mascarpone, house-roasted espresso, chocolate bars, pastries, souvenirs, and much more.

[Photo: Philly Cannoli King]

The working name was Old City Sweet, according to a new Facebook page, but it has changed to Constitution Cannoli King.

“It’s a work in progress,” Belle told Philly Grub. “But we hope to be open in Old City very soon!”

Rumor has it a third location may be coming soon, too. Stay tuned for more details.

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