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Brazilian Cream Donuts in Philadelphia

Since opening Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse this past winter, owner Mardhory Santos-Cepeda has had trouble keeping up with the Brazilian cream donut orders, selling out shortly after opening whenever they’re made available on weekends. Because of the incredible response and high demand, Cepeda has decided to begin offering her donuts — which are also called “Sonhos,” which translates to “dreams” in Portuguese — on Thursdays at 8 a.m. beginning on May 19th.

The “Dream Cream Donuts,” as Cepeda refers to them, will be sold every Thursday for the foreseeable future, with limited supplies (100 per week, not including weekends) made available for sale. For now, pre-orders will not be taken, and guests can purchase up to half a dozen at a time.

“We have customers calling us on weekend mornings asking if we still have any donuts left, and we hate that we have to tell so many people that we sold out so quickly,” said Cepeda. “We would make more, but we’re such a small production team that we can only make so many. Sonhos are a product of the influence of German immigrants in the south of Brazil, and I like to think that these sweet and fluffy buns translate to ‘dream’ because they charm people with their unique texture and flavor. In Brazil, we fill them with condensed milk custard, but here, I decided to play with the flavors. I also made a sourdough bun which makes a lot of difference, making them lighter while balancing the sweetness.”

Four flavors will be offered, including Classic Vanilla; Double Chocolate, Sesame; and Strawberry. Kouklet’s Sonhos are priced at $5 apiece. Cepeda also offers other seasonal flavors during the weekends, including Rhubarb.

Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse, located at 1647 E. Passyunk Avenue, offers a number of both savory and sweet pastries including their special Bolo de Rolo cake rolls. The shop is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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