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Chefs Without Restaurants Podcast Interviews Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing + Two Recipes

Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing chats with Chef Chris Spear on the Chefs Without Restaurants podcast.

In this episode of Chefs Without Restaurants, Victory Brewing co-founder Bill Covaleski chats with host Chef Chris Spear about how he got into brewing and the decision to start a brewery with his best friend, Ron Barchet. They talk about trends in the beer industry, discussing everything from beer styles to seltzers and even non-alcoholic beer.

In 2016, Victory Brewing became part of Artisanal Brewing Ventures, including Southern Tier Brewing and Sixpoint Brewery. He asked Bill about becoming part of “big beer” and if he worried about being considered a sellout.

The venerated brewery based in Downingtown, PA, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. It’s a great listen – cheers! 

BONUS: Recipes Using Victory Beer

Fancy cooking with beer? Chef Chris was so inspired by his interview with Bill that he created a couple of recipes made using Victory beer products and shared them exclusively with me so I can share them with you. Bon appetit!

Crispy Scrapple Tacos with Apple/Fennel/Celery Slaw and Aji Panca Pilsner Salsa [Photo: Chef Chris Spear]

Crispy Scrapple Tacos with Apple/Fennel/Celery Slaw and Aji Panca Pilsner Salsa

• Corn Tortillas
• Habbersett Scrapple 1 pound
• Vegetable Oil, as needed
• Granny Smith Apple 1 each
• Fennel 1 bulb, stalks removed
• Celery 2 stalks
• Mayonnaise 1/2 cup
• Sugar 2 T
• Lime Juice 1 1/2 T
• Apple Cider Vinegar 1 T
• Scallions, Greens sliced thinly
• Aji Panca Pilsner Salsa for serving (recipe below)

Make a cole slaw dressing by whisking together the mayo, sugar, lime juice and vinegar.

Thinly slice the apple, fennel bulb and celery, preferably on a mandoline. Toss with the cole slaw dressing.

Slice the scrapple thinly. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan and cook the scrapple until crispy.

Heat the corn tortillas in a dry frying pan. Top with crispy scrapple, apple/fennel/celery salad and scallions. Serve with salsa and lime.

Aji Panca Pilsner Salsa

Aji Panca Pepper Paste 1/3 cup [80 g]
Victory Brewing Prima Pils Pilsner 1/2 cup [110 g]
Fresh Lime Juice from 1/2 lime [20 g]

Whisk all ingredients together.

Octoberfest Beer & Pretzel Truffles [Photo: Chef Chris Spear]

Octoberfest Beer & Pretzel Truffles

Makes approximately 20

• Semisweet Chocolate, finely chopped (Ghiradelli chips work great) 4.5 oz [127 g]
• Victory Brewing Festbier Märzen 1/4 cup + 1 T [75 g]
• Lite Corn Syrup 2 T [40 g]
• Utz Extra Dark Sourdough Pretzels, crushed 3/4 cup [100 g]
• Oreos, crushed 7 each [100 g]
• Sugar (for rolling) as needed 2 tbsp light corn syrup [34 g]

Finely crush pretzels and Oreo cookies. This can be done by hand, or by pulsing in a food processor.

In a small pot, bring the bear & corn syrup to a light simmer, and then pour over the chopped chocolate. Let stand for one minute, then mix until the chocolate has melted.

Pour the chocolate mixture over the pretzels and Oreos. Mix thoroughly.

Chill mixture for at least 40 minutes in the refrigerator.

Scoop out 20 balls with a teaspoon, then roll them in the sugar. Store sealed in the refrigerator. These are best when allowed to come to room temperature for 30 minutes.

What’s your favorite Victory Beer? 🍻

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