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Flakely Gluten-Free Bakery Pop-Up at Pinwheel Provisions in Narberth

Flakely, a Main Line-based gluten-free baker of artisan bread and French pastries, will pop up and fully take over the Pinwheel Provisions storefront located at 121 N. Narberth Ave., Narberth, PA, starting on June 30 through August 7. Pinwheel Provisions, who had been carrying Flakely products since last year, will be going on vacation and renting the space to Flakely as a temporary shop and pick-up location for a fresh selection of gluten-free croissants, brioche bread, crusty baguettes, quiche, fruit tarts, sweet and savory pop tarts, and more including many brand-new, yet to be revealed baked goods.

Before the pandemic, Flakely was operating at a high volume, with tens of thousands of products distributed per day for hotels and restaurants on the East Coast. Once the pandemic lockdown struck, all its wholesale business went away in a flash.

“I quickly pivoted and started making gluten-free bread loaves for people in my community and delivering to individuals’ homes, selling through Instagram and Facebook and shipping as well,” Founder and Executive Pastry Chef Lila J. Colello said. “We started donating to feed our frontline workers with food allergies and started donating 3% of all of our sales to social and racial justice organizations, putting a primary focus on making ‘bread with a purpose’. We started stocking our bread in community fridges and donating to organizations that help feed our neighbors in need.”

Now, Flakely is rebuilding differently. Instead of producing for wholesale, they currently sell directly to consumers and can be found at DiBruno Bros., Primal Supply Meats, South Philly Food Co-op, Weavers Way Co-op, and Riverwards Produce, to name a few.

“We’ve formed a special bond and satisfaction serving individuals, selling directly to the people who need our products the most,” Colello explains. “People who haven’t had a croissant in years because it just isn’t available anywhere else!”

The Flakely pop-up in Narberth will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays operating between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Additional days and times may be added, and menu items will be posted every week including some MAJOR collaborations with other local food businesses.

Learn more about Flakley by visiting and following on Facebook and Instagram.

Note: Pinwheel Provisions will continue to stock Flakely products when they resume operations in mid-August.

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