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Banza Pizza Coming to Oath Pizza in Philadelphia

Starting today, Banza will begin rolling out its chickpea pizza crust to guests at Oath’s 50+ restaurants, beginning with one of its Philadelphia-area locations in Ardmore, PA at 59 St James Place. This is a strategic decision made by Oath, whose consumers have been asking for a pizza that is both gluten-free and vegan — and still just as delicious as a traditional pizza crust. Banza’s chickpea pizza will replace Oath’s previous cauliflower and gluten-free crusts as the new, permanent, better-for-you menu option.

With the new partnership, guests at Oath will be able to create their own chickpea pizza and select from a range of Oath’s premium ingredients, such as their housemade tomato, basil pesto and truffle sauces, traditional and plant-based cheeses and proteins, fresh veggies, and garnishes. Banza’s chickpea pizza crust, which is high in protein and fiber, paired with Oath’s feel-good ingredients will make pizza night a staple in your routine, even post-pandemic. 

Since it launched in October 2020, Banza Pizza has already become the fastest-selling frozen pizza crust. Also, just this year Banza has sold two pizzas every minute. Additionally, 50% of people who buy Banza Pizza in retail stores are brand new to the frozen pizza category, showing that the new chickpea pizza option is attracting consumers who previously shied away from purchasing frozen pizza. The new partnership with Oath offers an opportunity to drive similar change and growth for the pizza restaurant and delivery experience, and keep pizza a staple in your life. 

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