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Virtual Cheese Tasting Experience by Di Bruno Bros.

Have you ever wanted to experience your own, personal cheese pairing with a qualified cheese expert? Now you can, thanks to the local cheesemongers at Di Bruno Bros.

In honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day, they’re offering a Virtual Cheese Pairing Experience LIVE on Thursday, January 28 at 7PM.

In order to participate, the Virtual Cheese Experience Gift Box must be ordered in advance. You or your recipient will enjoy an in-depth session, learning all about the cheeses included in the gift box as well as pairing tips from a pro!

That pro being Alex Stanton, one of Di Bruno’s resident cheese experts who, according to her Instagram @whynoteatcheese, says cheese is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I certainly can’t argue with that!

It’s the perfect gift for all your foodie friends who have been posting all those delicious charcuterie board pics. This is a sign up-only event, where all who sign up (or are gifted this experience) join together for the live event.

The guided virtual tasting is 45 minutes to an hour-long and includes:

🧀 10 minutes of Di Bruno Bros History + Background

🧀 5 minutes of a live de-boxing and detailed background of each item in the gift box

🧀 15 minutes of a tutorial on how to create your own cheese board with the cheese expert

🧀 10 minutes of pairing suggestions: Both how to pair the items in the box, and recommended alcohol pairings
 🧀 5-10 minutes of live question and answers

The gift box also includes an interactive tasting wheel activity.

Here’s a preview!

I’ve been invited to attend the virtual tasting on the 28th. I hope you’ll join me!

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