Acclaimed Chef Eli Kulp Re-Emerges with The Chef Radio Podcast

Eli Kulp is already well-known in food circles as an acclaimed chef who’s been recognized by everyone from Bon Appetit to the James Beard Foundation. But with the April debut of The CHEF Radio Podcast, he’s expanding his horizons to include a heretofore unknown skill set as a deeply probing and insightful interviewer. 

On this new podcast, season one of which has just dropped via Christopher Plant’s RADIOKISMET network, Kulp talks with chefs the way Marc Maron talks with comedians — at eye level, with no pretense, and a disarming level of sincerity. Included in that first season are guests like:

  • Nick Elmi, of Laurel/ITV/Royal Boucherie and Top Chef alum
  • Joey Baldino, of Palizzi Social Club and the smash-hit cookbook of the same name
  • Kate Jacoby & Rich Landau, the groundbreaking vegan chefs behind Vedge & V Street
  • Jen Carroll & Billy Riddle of Spice Finch and Carroll Couture Cuisine
  • Joe Beddia, of Pizzeria Beddia and the hit book Pizza Camp
  • Adam Rappaport, EIC of Bon Appetit

“I really felt there was an opportunity in Philadelphia to bring the people that shape the way we eat to the microphone to discuss important and relevant topics in our industry today. And I found that speaking with these passionate folks has really inspired me, and I know that people who listen will also feel that same level of honesty and candor and courage.”

Courage is something that Kulp knows about. In 2015, he was involved in the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia that claimed 8 lives and many injuries. Kulp sustained life-altering injuries during it before ultimately reshaping his life and resuming his post at his High Street Hospitality organization, where he runs no less than four restaurants.

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