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Top Reasons to Shop at Pinwheel Provisions in Narberth

Pinwheel Provisions – 121 N. Narberth Ave in Narberth, PA [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

UPDATE: Pinwheel Provisions is temporarily closed until at least 3/28 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will assess reopening on that date.

Pinwheel Provisions held its Grand Opening on Saturday, February 29th. Located at 121 N. Narberth Avenue, the popup shop is a new food retail concept that provides the components you need to put delicious, healthy and energizing meals on the table. I attended the opening to learn more about the concept and to see it how it works. I walked away a believer and met many people who are also excited about this new business on the Main Line.

Top Reasons You Should Shop at Pinwheel Provisions

You’re busy. Let’s face it, our modern lifestyles run us ragged with limited time to cook a quick, nutritious meal. Pinwheel Provisions Fresh Frozen meal components and Mealmakers make it easy to whip up a yummy meal in no time at all. The Ready Dishes takes cooking out of the equation altogether. It couldn’t be easier! I think you’ll find this shop will come in clutch for weeknight dinners especially.

Pinwheel Provisions Fresh Frozens [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

You care about the environment. Whether you’re striving for “zero waste” or you’re just trying to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, Pinwheel Provisions can help. By reducing food and packaging waste it reduces our negative impact on the environment. Whether you scoop your own fresh frozens into your own bag or container or buy a Ready Dish made in recyclable packaging, you can feel good about cutting down on waste and doing your part to help the Earth.

Pinwheel Provisions – 121 N. Narberth Ave in Narberth, PA [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

You like supporting small businesses! By shopping at Pinwheel Provisions, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a small business that supports other small businesses. They’ve partnered with local and regional farmers such as Blueberry Bill’s Blueberry Farm and Koch’s Turkey Farm and other small artisan producers.

You like supporting women-driven and POC-owned businesses. Pinwheel Provisions is owned by Anjali Gupta and her entire staff is women.

You truly should check out Pinwheel Provisions for yourself if these reasons resonate with you. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this business and wish them much success. If you go, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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