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Philly Challenge, Gelato & Ice Cream Competition, Comes to King of Prussia

The search for the best Ice Cream and Gelato flavors arrives in Philadelphia at the Philly Challenge!

On March 16th, the traveling frozen dessert competition organized by Carpigiani USA will stop in King of Prussia, PA at the Rosito Bisani East headquarters.

The Philadelphia region is in the spotlight during the first event of 2020 dedicated to seeking out the best frozen dessert flavors in America. Ice cream makers and gelato chefs will compete in their respective categories. This day will celebrate the two unique traditions of American hard-style ice cream and artisan freshly made gelato and to highlight the chefs that make these two frozen dessert specialties from scratch.

The competitors entering the Ice Cream category will have their proposed flavor tasted by a panel of food experts that will select the best flavor. The winner will be invited to participate in the American Ice cream final in New York.

Competitors who choose to enter the Gelato category will have their product judged by a separate jury. The winner will be invited to the American Gelato Festival Final in Miami 2020, with the possibility to represent North America in an international gelato competition known as the Gelato Festival World Masters.

During this competition, all participants will prepare their dedicated flavors on the onsite frozen dessert kitchen provided by Rosito Bisani East. The juries of each category, composed of industry experts, local chefs, and food journalists will evaluate the quality of the frozen dessert through and impartial voting regiment created by Carpigiani Frozen Dessert University.

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