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Terron East Falls: A Local’s Rave Review (Guest Post)

This article was submitted by reader Shannon Mahoney.

Nearly a year ago, I was frequenting a small vegan café (Milo) on Conrad Street in East Falls every weekend while looking to purchase a home in the neighborhood. This local vegan joint was not part of the reason I chose the East Falls neighborhood, but it sure did help.

Although the original spot closed, I was so excited to hear the place was reopening with the same vegan vibe, now called, Terron. This restaurant is casual with simple, friendly service. The water is infused with fruit. Do not go to Terron expecting silver service. Bring your Hydro Flask, your laptop, and your friends! Everyone who works there is happy to help so if you need anything, just wave a hand. At the end of the meal, head up to the counter to pay.

Brunch at Terron

Chef Fred is making it all vegan, my friends. Organic eggs are available upon request, though. I’ve been attempting veganism for the past two years and this restaurant will be the saving grace for anyone trying to get there without feeling like you are sacrificing.

The Frittata at Terron in East Falls [Photo: Shannon Mahoney]

Get the Frittata served with perfectly cooked potatoes wedges and thank me later. You may think the wedge serving is small at first, but it is all you need while simultaneously enjoying a tofu scrambling of two kinds of cheeses, beans, Pico de Gallo and sour cream with killer tortilla chips.

For a more compact version, go for the Breakfast Bomber. I have tried to recreate both in my own kitchen with not even half of the mouth-watering success that comes with brunch at Terron.

The seitan on the Sunnyside Ave includes grill marks on the “meat”. When you’ve had a lot of vegan dishes, you know that’s special.

Sunnyside Ave at Terron in East Falls [Photo: Shannon Mahoney]

Lunch/Dinner at Terron

Everything on the menu will pair seamlessly with whatever bottle/six-pack you decide to bring for the meal. Here is the breakdown: Bombers, Tacos, Noodles, and Greens/Salad.

The Zesty Moroccan is a mix of things my naive palate cannot fully distinguish nor do I care what I am eating while shoving the first half into my mouth. I do know, only from reading the description on the menu, the cucumber-mint mayo paired with the harissa styled “meat” makes this bomber the most unique and exciting sandwich I’ve encountered.

The Ultimate is your typical veggie burger with insane toppings and some cool cheese art you’ll have to see in person.

The Spicy Bahn Mi earns its name with more jalapenos than some may know what to do with.

Moving on to tacos is one I’d get every time called the Bella Bing. It is a must-try with its mushrooms, insanely creamy non-dairy sauce combination, and adorable sprinkling of pepitas.

From tacos to Thai food, we have the Nutty Pad Thai. This dish is huge, spicy, and delicious.

My last suggestion is the Shroomy Mac & Cheese which is a meal that will be there for you when no one else can. This amazingly generous serving of pasta will allow all dairy sufferers to once again enjoy the comfort food frontrunner. 

As you can tell, I’ve tasted a lot on both menus and am so happy to share this spot with everyone I know! My goal in this review is to get the word out to all in the area that a new, fresh space is fully deserving of some more locals to fall in love with it too.

Visit Terron at 3426 Conrad Street in East Falls.

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm
Monday:  Closed

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