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Having a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving? Order GF Croissants from Flakely

If you live a gluten-free lifestyle due to celiac disease or a gluten-intolerance and miss enjoying a buttery, flaky croissant, you’re in luck. Gluten-free croissants not only exist, but you’ll be happy to know that a local business makes them fresh and you can have them shipped or delivered just in time for the holidays.

Wynnewood, PA-based Flakely has a few orders left of their patented gluten-free croissants to complete your gluten-free Thanksgiving table. I know quite a few GF people, so I don’t want you to miss out on these delectable, gluten-free French pastries!

Each order contains 16 frozen and fully baked gluten-free croissants. You simply take them out of the box, bake at 325 for 10 min for warm, buttery, freshly baked gluten-free croissants. Even your family members who don’t have to follow a gluten-free diet will not know the difference.

Order deadline is on Wednesday, November 20th and Thursday, November 21st is the final day for delivery or pick-up in the Wynnewood, PA area.

Email or call 484-450-6576 to place your order!

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