It’s Tomato Sandwich Season

Jersey Fresh tomatoes are a joy of the summer season. In fact, I don’t think I look forward to anything as much as I do tomato season. Jersey tomatoes are the absolute best. They truly do not get any better than they do right now!

Just tonight, I picked up a couple plump beauties at my local year-round farmers market in Pennsauken. I believe they come from Buzby Farm in Woodstown, NJ. They’re so ripe and juicy — and sweet!

Of course, I made classic tomato sandwiches for dinner. Scrumptious! Sorry, no photos this time.

It went something like this: thick-sliced tomatoes placed on two pieces of Nature’s Own Multigrain Bread each slathered with mayo, a slice of Craig’s Creamery sharp cheddar, salt, and pepper. While cheese is not at all required, we love cheese on ours. Cooper Sharp American is fantastic, but any good sliced cheese is acceptable. Just not that stuff that comes in plastic wrappers.

Trust me, this will be the first of many tomato sandwiches this summer.

Jersey Girl Cooks Tomato Sandwich

My friend Lisa Grant over at Jersey Girl Cooks has opined on her love of the summer staple. There’s something to be said about the sumptuous simplicity of ripe tomato, white bread, and mayo. Period, end.

I love that American Sardine Bar in Point Breeze offers them as a “snack” on the menu right now. Perfection!

Elsie’s Pickles in Haddon Township is putting fresh housemade tuna salad in hollowed-out Jersey Fresh tomatoes, in lieu of bread, for a version that is gluten-free and keto-friendly, of course. Drool!

Sorbello Girls Farm Market has some gorgeous ones. You can find them at area farmers markets.

How much do you love tomato sandwiches in the summer?! Where do you get your tomatoes? I’d love to hear from you.

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