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Pride Month Spotlight: Mandie Spindler of Fante’s Kitchen Shop

Happy Pride Month!

This month I wanted to shine a light on LGBTQIA people working in the local food scene. I think it is important to recognize our diversity and include all of the fabulous people contributing to our amazing community.

I put the word out on Twitter and got a response from Fante’s Kitchen Shop (1006 S. 9th Street). So glad they reached out because it’s a good reminder that there are many more people working in non-restaurant food-based businesses that fly under the radar and don’t get a lot of recognition.

Mandie Spindler of Fante’s Kitchen Shop

Fante’s General Manager Liana Ottaviani nominated Mandie Spindler who is a full-time team member for the iconic retail housewares business in the Italian Market.

In Mandie’s words:

I am a queer bisexual femme living in South Philly. I work as an admin for Fante’s, and have been a core team member for almost 9 years. Since Fante’s is a small family-owned business, I wear many hats. I do a little bit of everything, from helping out on the sales floor to being a primary contributor to our weekly newsletter, and more.

When I asked Mandie why she loves working at Fante’s and at a food-based business, she replied:

Some of my favorite days working here are when I can interact with customers and help them to find what they need. I am passionate about working in a food-based business because no matter your walk of life, food is essential for living. I love to cook, especially for others. I guess you could say I show my love through food.

South Philadelphia Food Co-op

In addition to her work at Fante’s, she’s also a volunteer on the Member Services and Outreach Committee for the South Philly Food Co-Op. Through this work, she has been involved in fundraising and member recruitment for the community-owned grocery store which will be opening at 2031 S. Juniper Street.

Philadelphia Voices of Pride

Mandie is also very heavily involved in the local LGBTQIA community as a founding member of Philadelphia Voices of Pride (Philadephia’s only LGBTQIA mixed voice chorus); currently, an active member of their Marketing Committee and in the past, served on the Board as Member at Large.

Thank you, Mandie, for all you do for the Philly food scene and LGBTQA community!

Let’s keep the Pride Month love going! If you would like to nominate someone working in a food business, contact me!

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