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Badass Female Chefs of Philadelphia: Mary Hilbert of Mary’s Mobile Diner

When I was thinking about another badass female chef to feature, I didn’t hesitate to think of my friend Mary Hilbert. You probably haven’t heard of her because she quietly goes about her business of being a badass female chef on her food truck, Mary’s Mobile Diner.

This lady ain’t got time to be too active on social media because she is busy providing delicious, kicked-up comfort food on her “retro diner on wheels” just about every day of the week.

While she’s based in South Jersey, Mary often travels over the bridge to events and private catering gigs in Philadelphia and the Philadelphia suburbs. She really gets around!

She’s frequently parked in an industrial park in Pennsauken (8192 National Highway) serving breakfast and lunch when she’s not booked for catered lunches elsewhere.

She can be found at local breweries and distilleries such as Spellbound, Bonesaw, Neshaminy Creek, and Trainwreck on weekends. She’s a regular on the food truck festival circuit, too. So, look out for her this Spring and Summer.

She focuses on homemade food made with fresh ingredients at a reasonable price point. Most items are $7 or $8 making it a very good value. She doesn’t skimp on the portions either. “I’m a mobile diner, there should be leftovers,” she told me one time. A very good point! God bless her!

You’d think this lady would be happy with just one popular food truck. Oh no, not Mary. This food truck season she plans to launch yet another food truck. The new one, called Bourbon Street, featuring Southern/New Orleans-style cuisine will be hitting the food truck event circuit in 2019. I’m already salivating at the thought.

“Go big or go home,” Mary often says. Clearly, a motto she lives by on the daily. You’d think with 3 grown-up kids, she’d be kicking back, taking it easy. Nope. This lady ain’t stopping. She wants to make people happy by feeding them. She is totally badass!

Her daughter is also in the food truck business. Inspired by her mom, Megan Hilbert launched Red’s Rolling Restaurant last year.

Mary and her daughter are just two of the women busting their asses every day on food trucks. Get out there and support them!

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