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Introducing The Original Round Dog

You might have heard by now that cheesesteak king Tony Luke, Jr. has turned the hot dog world upside down… or simply round! Introducing The Original Round Dog… hot dogs shaped like hamburgers. Brilliant! The Original Round Dog premiered Sunday on the West Chester, PA-based QVC network with Ray Rastelli presenting.

Luke’s creation, in collaboration with Chef Rick Tarantino of Trenton, NJ-based City Beef & Provisions, will be distributed by Swedesboro, NJ-based Rastelli Foods Group. The round hot dogs are made of beef and pork and can be cooked exactly how you’d cook a regular hot dog, on the grill, boiled, pan-fried, etc.

The first run of the round hot dogs sold out during the first airing. It’s since been featured on Fox29 and Courier-Post.

Introducing The Original Round Dog

The round dog is not yet available in retail stores or to purchase online, but it will be rolling out soon at grocery stores and available at restaurants, delis, food trucks, stadiums, and other locations later this year. So, hold on, you’ll be able to get your own Original Round Dog soon!

Local recipe development consultant John Cohl has been busy working on recipes that demonstrate the brilliance and versatility of this creation and shared some with me. How do these grab ya?

ORD pork roll long hots

The Original Round Dog with provolone, fried long hots, and garlic mayo.

The Original Round Dog with bacon, Cooper American sharp cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and dijonnaise.

The Original Round Dog with pulled pork, cole slaw, and habanero jack.

The Original Round Dog on French toasted potato bun, egg, and cheese.

Could this be the next best food thing? What would you put on your Original Round Dog? Let me know in the comments.

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