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Dietz & Watson’s Real Philly Deli Finalist DiPascale’s in Pennsauken Township

UPDATE: You may have seen, but DiPascale’s did not win. Congrats to Linden Italian Market!

You may have seen Dietz & Watson’s Real Philly Deli campaign showcasing local delis. A local company giving mad local love always warms my heart. I was thrilled to see DiPascale’s in Pennsauken Township, NJ make it into the Top 4. I shop there on a regular basis as it is within walking distance to my house. When I want an authentic Philly-style hoagie, this is the place I go. I’m often found shopping for Dietz & Watson lunchmeat, prepared foods, Sarcone’s rolls, and more. The hoagies are consistently great and are often featured on various local “best of” lists for their hoagies and also for the cheesesteaks. It comes as absolutely no surprise to me they are a finalist in Dietz & Watson’s sandwich showdown.

DiPasquale's Meadowbrook Food Center

DiPascale’s is located in a small shopping plaza at 3012 Union Avenue. Around here we simply call it “Meadowbrook” which is the name of the neighborhood, but if you say “Meadowbrook” everybody knows you’re talking about DiPascale’s. This South Jersey deli has deep roots in South Philly dating back to 1917 in the Italian Market where the family owned a butcher shop and slaughterhouse. In 1959, they crossed the bridge, opened the Pennsauken store and it’s been a mainstay ever since. Just because it is located in South Jersey, doesn’t make it any less of a “Real Philly Deli.” They are one of the best offering a taste of Italy in the suburbs. I was “homesick” when I first moved from South Philly to South Jersey in 2012, but DiPascale’s helped comfort me. I didn’t have to miss out on the Philly deli experience that I had become accustomed to in the city.

The Kitchen Sink Hoagie DiPasquale's

“The Kitchen Sink” hoagie is up against some stiff competition, but frankly, DiPascale’s is the clear winner. It screams South Philly. This amazing hoagie features Dietz & Watson turkey breast, thinly-sliced prosciutto, sharp provolone (the kind that bites you back), fresh mozzarella balls, sauteed broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, and served on a Sarcone’s long roll. My pictures do not do this sandwich justice. The “medium” is an over-stuffed, nearly foot long beautiful thing to behold and eat. It’s bigger than my hand and probably weighs close to 2 lbs. It can easily feed 2 people. It deserves to win. Vote for it as the Best Philly Philly Deli Sandwich of 2018!

The Kitchen Sink Real Philly Deli

Do yourself a favor and head to DiPascale’s for this hoagie. Or any hoagie there for that matter. You can’t go wrong with any of them, they’re all good. Tell them Philly Grub sent ya!

All photos are by Marilyn Johnson and should not be used without permission.

*Special thanks to Dietz & Watson and DiPasquale’s for hooking us up with this hoagie. As always, our opinions are our own.

6 thoughts on “Dietz & Watson’s Real Philly Deli Finalist DiPascale’s in Pennsauken Township

  1. Actually, according to the photo, it’s DiPascale’s. Can’t wait to try it. I googled immediately. I’m a big fan of Lou and Ann’s on Rte. 70 around the corner from me, but I’m always open to new great hoagies.

    • As I said, yes it is technically called DiPasquale’s but around here (locals) casually we call it “Meadowbrook” or “The Brook” (for the neighborhood it is located).

  2. Lived across the street from Meadowbrook as a kid. As an adult I go out of my way to drive thru 2 towns to go there. Best sandwich and the price is even better! Sandwich counter is well staffed and quite entertaining.

  3. Always stock up on cold cuts and sandwiches to bring back to Ocean City. Took hoagies to San Juan as a treat for my cousins. I’ve tried the rest now I’m sold on the Best! Love D’s.

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