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FREE Ravioli at The Pineville Tavern on March 20th (National Ravioli Day)

Pineville Tavern Ravioli

If you love ravioli, The Pineville Tavern is the place to be on Tuesday, March 20th, which is National Ravioli Day! The historic restaurant is offering scrumptious specials that will have pasta lovers from throughout the region converging on the Bucks County restaurant during the first day of spring.

Ravioli has been one of the most popular and beloved menu items at The Pineville Tavern since the Abruzzese family took over the restaurant and introduced their family recipe in 1989. The dish dates back to 14th century Italy, and the Abruzzese family has perfected their homemade recipe, which has been passed down for generations and rivals some of the best in the world.

On March 20th, dining room guests who order any ravioli dish will receive a complimentary package of (8) ravioli to take home. “Not only can patrons savor our delicious handmade ravioli dishes in the restaurant, but they’ll be able to enjoy them again later at home, on us!” said Drew Abruzzese. National Ravioli Day falls on a Tuesday, which is normally Holy Ravioli Night at the restaurant ($20 includes soup or salad, ravioli and a glass of wine). Guests who order “that” special will also receive a complimentary package of ravioli to take home. For those opting for take-out, the tavern will offer a BOGO deal (buy one get one free) on full size servings of ravioli.

The word “ravioli” comes from an Old Italian word “riavvolgere,” which means “to wrap.” The Pineville Tavern’s ravioli are delicate, fluffy pockets of sealed pasta packed with delectable cheese, meat, spinach or crab filling. “Our ravioli are really special. They are not machine made like 99% of all ravioli purchased in restaurants,” explained family patriarch Andrew. “The dough is rolled about twice as thin as most other ravioli… that’s why they are so tender. They are then filled, covered with another layer of dough and sealed with a special fork that we had fabricated. Anyone can get ravioli almost anywhere, but you can only find handmade ravioli at the Pineville Tavern,” he smiled.

The Pineville Tavern is located at 1089 Durham Road in Pineville, PA.

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