La Colombe Coffee Roasters’ Fishtown Philadelphia Cafe to Carry Wild Kombucha

Wild Kombucha at La Colombe

Baltimore’s Wild Kombucha announced today that as of today, their products will begin being sold at La Colombe’s flagship cafe in Philadelphia.

Kombucha, a fermented tea, is gaining popularity as a healthier alternative to soda, and carries potential health benefits as it is rich in probiotics. The carbonated beverage will make a fitting addition to La Colombe’s menu thanks to the unique draft system that dispenses their signature lattes.

Produced by Mobtown Fermentation, Wild Kombucha has been growing in the mid-Atlantic since it was first released in 2015 thanks to their unique line of kombucha flavors made with natural fruit juices, and is now available in over 300 locations, including Whole Foods and Harris Teeter. After purchasing an automated bottling machine in 2017, the small company saw significant expansion and began to turn its sights to the north.

“We’ve been looking forward to expanding in to Philadelphia for some time, which is a big step for us, and we couldn’t be happier that we’re taking it with La Colombe,” said Wild Kombucha Owner Sid Sharma. “This feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

La Colombe has a long standing tradition of working directly with coffee farmers to source the best tasting, most exotic, and rarest beans and roasts them to accentuate their natural flavors. The new kombucha will join La Colombe’s existing offerings of traditional and innovative beverages, including the Draft Latte™, the revolutionary cold coffee beverage that delivers a completely unique, cafe-style drinking experience, all available to-go.

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