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The Better Box, LLC Twisted Eggrolls Launches Mobile Food Service in Philadelphia

They had me at General Tso’s Chicken Cheesesteak!

The Better Box LLC

The Better Box, LLC Twisted Eggrolls officially launched their mobile food service this month. Working out of a commissary kitchen near Germantown, this “virtual restaurant” where you order online, via email, or phone, will deliver “Chinese takeout with a Philly Twist” to your location.

In addition to the popular General Tso’s style chicken cheesesteak, they offer a variety of affordable egg rolls, fried rice dishes, french fries, twisted tea lemonades, and desserts. Their mission is to offer a unique lunch or dinner alternative to the average Philly halal and hotdog truck. Nothing on the menu is over $10.

The Better Box Twisted Eggrolls

The Better Box Twisted Eggrolls is the brainchild of trained makeup artist, and budding food entrepreneur, Tamekah Bost. I wanted to learn more about her new venture and why she got into the food business.

Philly Grub: What inspired you to get into the food business?

Tamekah Bost: Well. I have been in the kitchen my entire life it all started with grandmother. She made me her assistant at an early age in the kitchen, she loved to host our family for holidays and it sort of just stuck.

PG: What has been the most challenging aspect of starting up the business?

TB: For me navigating the legal aspect of being a new business owner. Its not as simple as most people assume.

PG: Love the concept of “twisted eggrolls” – tell us about your approach to the cuisine!

TB: Well, as a kid I loved cheese steak eggrolls from our local Chinese restaurant and I would beg my grandmother to buy me them every day after school. As a kid even though I loved the eggrolls I hated onions and I would crack the eggrolls open and pull out all the onions. By the time I was finished there was just a small amount of mystery meat and the eggroll its self. My grandmother one day said I will not keep buying you those eggrolls if you’re going to waste them. I explained I just didn’t like the onions but the store did not make them with out it. So, she suggested we go to the market buy the ingredients and make it ourselves. When she said this it blew my mind I didn’t even realize we could do that and once we got home and made them I never went back the store for them. Now as a adult, cheese steak eggrolls were always my go to dish for parties and events that I’ve hosted. I would never pay a caterer I would always cook all the food myself so I started experimenting with different recipes and developed a concept and now here we are. Its Asian fusion on another level, classic Chinese takeout, with a Philly Twist.

PG: You’ll operate as a “virtual restaurant” – will you be offering delivery through delivery services? 

TB: Yes we will be on Grubhub sometime in March and plan to expand later this year.

PG: Any plans to add anything else to the menu once you’re launched? Has anybody requested anything?

TB: We plan to add new flavors and feature them weekly as limited addition our first will be buffalo chicken.

We tried samples a couple of months ago and were blown away by how delicious everything was. I loved the General Tso’s chicken chesesteak and firecracker salmon egg roll while hubby was blown away by how delicious the cheesesteak fried rice was. The cookies were to die for, too!

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👉 You heard it here first: Asian fusion with a Philly twist is the next best thing. 🙌 Keep your eyes on The Better Box Box LLC (@thebetterboxllc) Twisted Eggrolls a new virtual eatery by Tamekah Bost. Takeout just got a SERIOUS upgrade.👍Just tried a bunch of twisted egg rolls (cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, classic shrimp, and firecracker salmon), General Tso's chicken cheesesteak, steak fried rice, cheesesteak fries, chocolicious & cream cookies, and raspberry and peach infused iced teas. Much appreciation to Tamekah for delivering to me today so that I could sample and tell you all about it. You gotta check 'em out — everything was delicious! 😋 You wont be disappointed. Stay tuned for more on the blog coming soon! In the meantime visit for more information. 😍 #asianfusion #eggrolls #cheesesteaks #friedrice #fries #icedtea #philly #phillygrub #phillyfood #phillyfood #phillyeats #phillyfoodie #phillystartup #phillygram #foodstartup #foodbusiness #virtualrestaurant #mobilefood #fooddelivery #foodieofinstagram #instafood #instafoodie #yum #whyilovephilly #phillyrocks

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Learn more by visiting the website and following them on Instagram. I highly recommend ordering and trying them yourself! Support a local startup following a dream. tell them Philly Grub sent ya!

2 thoughts on “The Better Box, LLC Twisted Eggrolls Launches Mobile Food Service in Philadelphia

  1. Sounds awful. In a city with some of the best Chinese restaurants between New York and Washington, DC, do we really need fake Chinese food?

    • Why don’t you save your opinion until you try it? Yes, we have GREAT Chinese restaurants in our city. This venture is not trying to compete with those restaurants. This is a convenience offering (mobile food service) for those who may not want to leave the house and want to try something different and affordable. I support the entire food scene, including people who have a dream of starting their own food business. I love what Tamekah is doing and I wish her only the best! There’s room for everybody. 🙂

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