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Manatawny Still Works and Rival Bros. Collaborate & Launch Coffee Whiskey

Manatawny Still Works Rival Bros Coffee Whiskey

Manatawny Still Works launches their new BATCH 16 Coffee Whiskey, a small-batch collaboration with Rival Bros Coffee Roasters, this week. The whiskey, cut to 84 proof with Rival Bros’ concentrated cold brew (Whistle and Cuss) rather than traditional methods using water, has notes of butterscotch, coffee and hazelnuts with a rounded nutty finish.

“The medium roasted coffee meshes flawlessly with our four-grain Keystone Whiskey, adding subtle complexity without overpowering,” says Master Distiller Max Pfeffer. This is the second flavored whiskey from Manatawny Still Works in their small-batch series, and like the well-regarded Honey Whiskey, they focused on collaborating with a like-minded artisan.

“We wouldn’t make a flavored batch if we felt it took away from our whiskey,” says Pfeffer. Adds Philadelphia manager Arthur Etchells, “Rival Bros. coffee shop shares a wall with our Passyunk Avenue Tasting Room and our same zest for doing things the right way, so we felt this collaboration was a no-brainer.”

Tasting Notes

NOSE: Butterscotch, Roasted coffee, Hazelnuts

PALATE: Bittersweet Chocolate, Blueberry, Oak

FINISH: Dry Cocoa, Nutty, Oak

DISTILLER’S NOTES: We took our Keystone blend and infused it with Rival Brother’s cold brewed Whistle and Cuss. Typically, a spirit gets to bottle strength – 94 proof down from 125 proof – by the addition of water. For BATCH 16, we’re cutting with Rival Bros. Whistle and Cuss cold brew. In our effort to keep this as pure a collaboration as possible, no additional ingredients, such as sugar, were added.


Guests may purchase BATCH 16 at the Pottstown, PA distillery, the South Philadelphia Tasting Room on Passyunk Avenue, and the Center City location (1617 JFK Boulevard). Also look for BATCH16 at bars and restaurants that pour Manatawny’s line of spirits.

Quantities are limited and a 750ml bottle is $44.99.

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