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Bistrot La Minette Pays Tribute to Chef Paul Bocuse

Executive Chef Kenneth Bush and his team will prepare two revolutionary French dishes, inspired by Chef Paul Bocuse, the creative force behind the Nouvelle Cuisine movement

Bistro La Minette Pays Tribute to Paul Bocuse

Beginning on Wednesday, February 21, Bistrot La Minette will celebrate the genius and mastery of Chef Paul Bocuse by honoring his revolutionary Nouvelle Cuisine in their cozy and inviting neighborhood bistro, recently named one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States.

As a tribute to the deceased French visionary, Chef Kenneth Bush will offer his version of two of Bocuse’s most acclaimed dishes: Soupe aux Truffles Noires and Poularde Truffée en Vessie. Both items will be available as extremely limited menu additions from Wednesday, February 21 through Sunday, February 25

“Chef Bocuse led the revolutionary movement in France where chefs could be creative and invent their own dishes,” says Chef-Owner Peter Woolsey. “In 2001, I was lucky enough to work under one of his contemporaries and another founder of Nouvelle Cuisine, Alain Senderens. He was the visionary who first realized that pairing a glass of wine with a flavorful dish enhances the whole experience of enjoying a meal.”

Chef Bush will be preparing the two famous dishes in the following ways, using his personal interpretations and drawing on authentic techniques as explained to him from Chef-Owner Woolsey:

  • Soupe aux Truffles Noires — black truffle soup, foie gras, puff pastry ($22). Rich, roasted chicken stock is fortified with foie gras and black Perigord truffles then added to the soup with vegetables and chicken. The dish is topped with a crown of puff pastry, which opens to reveal exquisite aromas of foie gras and truffles.

  • Poularde Truffée en Vessie — chicken steamed in Madeira broth, black truffles, morel crème sauce, baby vegetables, rice pilaf ($39). Chicken is layered with black Perigord truffles and steamed sous vide with Madeira and veal stock until the meat is perfectly tender and juicy. The dish is served with morel mushroom and crème fraíche sauce, rice pilaf and baby vegetables.

Guests should call the restaurant ahead of time at 215-925-8000 to request either dish or leave a note when making a reservation on OpenTable.

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