Conshohocken’s Stella Blu is Closed

Stella Blu in Conshohocken had planned on closing at the end of January, however, yesterday afternoon a pipe burst in the wall between the dining room and kitchen. With just two weeks of service left, it’s just not realistic or financially possible to reopen.

Beginning next week, owners Kim Strengari, Marianne Gere, and Michael Golden would like to invite Stella customers who were planning on visiting one last time, to join them at Gypsy Saloon, their other restaurant in Conshohocken. They will be adding some of Stella Blu’s signature dishes as specials.

“We are heartbroken to have to close Stella Blu this way,” says owner Kim Strengari. “We hope to be able to say goodbye to our old Stella friends at Gypsy Saloon in the coming weeks.”

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