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Red Owl Tavern’s Chinatown Pop-Up on Christmas Day

There are plenty of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner options in the city. Eater Philly has it covered. Both of those days will be spent with my family, but if I had to choose one of the options in the city, I’d chose Red Owl Tavern. They took a page from A Christmas Story and will host their 2nd Annual Chinatown Pop-Up Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Red Own Tavern Chinatown Pop Up

Executive Chef Caitlin Mateo crafted a special Chinese-American menu including Duck Confit Steam Buns, Pork Belly Ramen, and General Tso’s Chicken. Take a look at the fun menu below!

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Don’t worry folks, the sexy leg lamp will make an appearance!

Make your reservation HERE.

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