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Ramen in Manayunk at @Ramen

This review was submitted by @GothLauren.

At Ramen Manayunk

@Ramen in Manayunk [Photo: At Ramen]

@Ramen is a newish restaurant located at 4357 Main St in Manayunk serving a variety of ramen dishes. When you first walk in, you are greeted with a sparse, modern interior. The entryway is a collage of Japanese cartoons that open into dark wood and chalkboard walls. It’s a very simplistic set up with a small window in the back looking into the kitchen.

When my dining companion and I visited, the restaurant had only a few other diners, but it sounded more like a packed dining hall. The bare walls bounce the sound around and the pop music they had playing was a touch loud and distracting on a quiet weekday evening.

Our server was very quick, yet not overly attentive. The table setting was simple with wooden chopsticks and a napkin; what else would you need?

At Ramen Manayunk Menu

[Photo: @Ramen]

The menu is one page, four appetizers (with a note that says, “Buns! Coming soon!”) and five main dishes (ranging in price from $11-$14).

We sampled the Tan Tan and Miso ramens. Both were excellent. The spice of the Tan Tan was not overwhelming or scorching. It had a lovely, rounded heat that built over the course of the dish. The Miso ramen was a tad on the bland side in comparison but perked up nicely by adding a few scoops of some of the accompaniments that were offered to the table. The pieces of roast pork in the Miso were perfectly cooked. Both generous portions were served in lovely black bowls with ladles that were perfect for slurping up noodles and fresh, crisp veggies.

The mochi dessert was a perfectly sweet and cooling treat to top off our already stuffed bellies. If you go, definitely try the black sesame flavored mochi!

With it’s no frills, but comfy interior and fast, hot bowls heaping with noodles, this is sure to be a cheap and fantastic way to warm up in Manayunk this winter and fill you up before hitting one of the many pubs on Main Street.

One last thing, keep in mind that they do not accept cash. Card only!

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