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The Best Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy Pizza in Warrington, PA

This guest post is written by Andrea Blau.

When pizza is one of your favorite foods and you have been told that you have an allergy to both wheat/gluten and dairy, that pretty much knocks that off the list of things you can eat. When I found out that I was allergic to gluten and dairy that pretty much cut out a majority of foods that I liked to eat, including the whole grain crust pizza that I favored.  It was hard enough to find a place that offered wheat or whole grain crust as it was, the restrictions on my diet made it nearly impossible. Even if I did find a place that had gluten-free pizza on their menu, there was no guarantee that they would also offer a Dairy-free option. Fortunately, the MOD Pizza chain offers both gluten- and dairy-free options.

MOD Pizza Warrington PA

MOD Pizza in Warrington PA [Photo: Andrea Blau]

The MOD Pizza that my fiancé, John, and I frequent is located in the Valley Square shopping complex in Warrington, PA.  I like to get a “fully loaded” pizza with the gluten-free crust and non-dairy cheese. MOD Pizza uses the Daiya brand Mozzarella style shreds, it has a very creamy taste when it’s melted, tastes kind of like the Laughing Cow cheese wedges (coming from the girl who used to eat the Laughing Cow Cheese wedges whole). I like to start off the base with a red sauce along with some basil, the Vegan cheese, and an array of veggies; usually mushrooms, fresh sliced tomatoes, black olives, diced green bell peppers, and roasted red peppers, all washed down with a bottle of Black Cherry soda.  John usually gets his Gluten-free, non-dairy pizza with a red sauce base, chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, and sliced tomato, along with a bottle of Orange soda.

Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza at MOD Pizza Warrington PA

Gluten and Dairy Free “Loaded” Pizza at MOD Pizza in Warrington PA [Photo: Andrea Blau]

The edges do come out a little burnt and crispy, this is due to the Gluten Free crust being so thin.  For me, crispy crust isn’t an issue, as long I don’t have the lingering aftertaste of something that was burned, which does not occur with the Gluten Free crust pizza at Mod Pizza. Mod Pizza also offers pizza on a regular crust and have various styles of pizza as well for those who don’t have allergies to Gluten and/or Dairy or you could create your own with the regular crust and Mozzarella Cheese.

Not only does the Mod Pizza offer the Gluten Free crust and Vegan cheese, the staff at the Warrington location are very friendly and they will fix your pizza any way you like. They are also very amenable and they’re pretty cool. The dining area is clean and well-lit and it has a pleasant atmosphere in which to dine in. The music playing over the P.A. system varies, but there is a pretty good chance that it may play a song that you love.

[Photo: Andrea Blau]

Going for pizza has always been a treat for me and MOD Pizza is something I always look forward to whenever John and I happen to be in Warrington. If you ever find yourself passing through Warrington cruising up Route 611 and want a pizza, stop in at MOD Pizza and give them a try.

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